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Season 5

Episode 11

That’s not possible. She was helping a student with his wounds,” I said as my eyes furrowed looking at both Ruka and Lady Lark.

How could Ms. Olivia be dead when I had spoken to her in person? To support my thoughts, before coming here she was with the boy named Peter who had fought Louis in the first round. As though following my line of thoughts Ruka took out his phone from his pocket to make a call.

“Vernon, get Leo and the others to search for a woman named Olivia and gather the boys who had taken part in the sword fight,” Ruka instructed through the phone, “Yes…I know that…no that wouldn’t be necessary and burn the corpse’s…” he went on to speak.

Lady Lark walked across the room and went to stand in front of all the frames. She touched one particular frame that had all the sisters in it. I couldn’t quite interpret what her reaction was because of the hood she wore but when I saw her lips part, I felt she wanted to say something but no words were uttered for few seconds.

“Eve…” she spoke my name, “What did she tell you? You told you conversed with her, there must be something important in it.” Her voice wasn’t loud but it was soft but not sweet. It was more like an eerie calm voice.

“She was tending to boys wound when I went to get my backpack and there was no one except for them that time. The boy had a deep gash of the wound while she tended him. When I asked her to take him to the infirmary she told no one was there. She had taken history class for me but the next class we had a different person taking our class. When I asked my friend about her she told it was the same teacher who had come on the previous day,” I explained to her.

“History,” I heard her murmur.

“It was about the old era, she was speaking about the angel and devil of how-wait,” I stopped talking after the gears in my head started working, “Are you the sisters of the old era?” I asked her with my eyes wide.

“What did she talk about?” she asked me in a low voice.

“That how the third sister plotted against the second sister so that she could get her sisters to mate for herself,” I said and saw Ruka had a frown adorning his face right now.

“Wasn’t she supposed to be dead?” he questioned Lady Lark.

“She was supposed to be but after hearing what your mate has said it looks like she’s come back for the person,” she said making me wonder who was the person she was talking about. She then turned to face me, “Only half version of your data is right, the rest was twisted. We were four sisters, my eldest sister Heaven, the second eldest Olivia, my third sister Valerie and I being the youngest of them all, Layla. Our father was the leader back then in our times, a werewolf leader and an important person. He was strong-willed, courageous and prideful which I wish he wasn’t.”

“His soul mate our mother was a normal human. Normally when a child is born to a couple as such, the offsprings are a mix of humans or werewolves. Heaven and Olivia had turned out to be werewolves while Valerie was a human until she turned seventeen and was found to have a pair of white wings. I, on the other hand, was a human until the unfortunate turn of events,” as she went on to speak, I took the nearby seat to sit.

“Heaven was married to her beloved Victor with the thought that it would behave like a treaty, according to my knowledge it was a first for different supernatural beings getting married as it was a rare time when a vampire or werewolf had a different mate or beloved. Most of it because they stuck to their society and never left their clans.”

“My family expected Olivia to find her mate just like Heaven had but instead Valerie was the one to find her soul mate. He was a relative of Victor. Everything was perfect but-”

“Valerie’s soul mate was a franchixer,” I completed, “But I don’t understand why they had to meet secretly when it was a known family member.”

“People weren’t open-minded back then,” Ruka cleared my doubt, “The Larks family being a werewolf didn’t know the existence of franchixer and when they discovered it, they placed it in the category of dangerous monster.”

“But he wouldn’t hurt her,” I said and saw Ruka smile softly at me.

“He and Valerie knew it but others didn’t believe that after he showed his form and that slowly led to more conflicts during that period,” Ruka explained and I sat there feeling sorry for the couple.

I didn’t know what I would do if my family ever forbade me from seeing Ruka, shaking the thought out of my head I heard what Lady Lark had to say.

“That’s true,” she agreed to what Ruka said, “Heaven and I were the only ones who supported their bond. When Olivia first showed her distaste in their relationship, we thought it was for the same reason as my father as he did not approve of it. My sister l.u.s.ted over the man who was destined to someone else and it was quite a shock when we got to know it. My father didn’t know the family he had a treaty with had one more Franchixer which was Victor’s grandfather. In no time, she was engulfed into a dark state who didn’t look like the person I knew since I was young. She had sided with the wrong people of the black magic and had finally taken part in the war that was between many sides. She jinxed Valerie’s mate that instigated his dark side, leading in the destruction of him and everything around him. Unable to see the pain Valerie saved him from insanity by sending him to the land of the dead of a different dimension. As we know, to gain something, something must be lost. She gave up her life.”

Silence filled the room and I could hear the thundering of clouds now. Valerie had sent him to a different dimension so that Olivia would not be able to reach him.

“What happened after that?” I wanted to know what happened to Olivia.

“During the war and what Olivia did, it enraged my parents and when they confronted, she killed them. Dark magic is called dark because you become stronger by killing your blood ones. She killed Heaven and Victor too but my people saved their son on time. My people and I killed her,” she said with a plain voice, void of emotions. She walked towards the door and magically the butler arrived with food. I got up and took the bowl from her.

“Thank you,” I thanked her. It was a bowl full of hot noodles. For a cold weather like now, this was the best food. Twisting the fork, I blew air on it before stuffing it in my mouth.




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