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 Season 2

Episode 8

(The blood wolf team(1)

It was a peaceful day, but Marvin Su's face sank with anger. Five outer disciples were found dead hours after they had been sent to look out for Austin.    

All of the outer disciples were sent out in groups of at least four members. Each of them carried signal devices. Once they found out Austin's whereabouts, the first thing they had to do was to send a signal using the device.     

Although Austin was powerful, he probably couldn't kill the whole group in one hit.     

However, even if that was the case, the outer disciples were still killed one after another.     

There were about sixteen outer disciples together with Billy.    

 The other outer disciples feared to end up with the same fate when they found out about the death of the five outer disciples.   

They previously thought that since there were more than ten of them, they would certainly kill Austin.     

However, five of them were already dead before they could even find Austin's whereabouts.    

 If they went on like this, they would probably dwindle in number soon.    

 Thus, other disciples started to leave secretly in fear of the current situation.  

   They thought that if they followed the top disciples like Billy and Marvin, they could lead a comfortable life as outer disciples.     

Right now, however, it might cost them their lives, and no one wanted that. There would be no comfortable life to enjoy if they were dead.   

Marvin's eyebrows knitted together tightly in anger as he walked between the leafy branches. "Shit! Damned Billy Tang! All the people together with you are cowards!" he cursed.     

Rage consumed him as he hit a tree trunk beside him with one fist, and then the trunk immediately broke into pieces.     
Billy couldn't do anything when he saw Marvin got furious. He was angry as well. He thought that he had a good chance to kill Austin in this search since Austin was out of the sect.    

 However, things didn't turn out like that. As soon as the disciples who secretly left spread the news, Billy would be a laughing stock among the outer disciples.     

"Four or five people have died, and seven or eight have left. Billy, you're actually alone now," Marvin said dryly.   

Footsteps sounded through the path as another disciple came over.     

He paused to regain his breath at first, then delivered the news.   

  "The dead ones are six now. Those who left are seven," he said.    

 Marvin and Billy remained silent.     

This outer disciple was one of the five who came together with Marvin.     

His name was Cecil, and he ranked higher than Billy in the outer disciple list. He was at the thirteenth.     

"Humph! I've already said that these people were unreliable twats," Cecil said coldly.    

 Meanwhile, Billy stood in thought.     "Austin definitely killed them," he said through gritted teeth.    

 Marvin and Cecil looked at him, and he took this as sign to continue.   

"He was at the sixth level of the Energy Gathering Realm when I first met him. A few days later when I fought against him, he was already at the seventh.     

He seems to be more powerful today as he has killed so many outer disciples without being noticed by others.     

It looks like his cultivation base grows fast. Such a strong opponent will soon be our nightmare if we don't kill him early," he said worriedly.     

Shock was written all over Marvin's face at Billy's words.     

When he had met Austin in the Beast Mountain a month ago, Austin was only at the fifth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.     

Now, he was at level seven!     

Austin had broken through twice in one month--it was quite a frightening speed for a cultivator.   

Was he really a genius?    

 "We must kill him this time!" Marvin spat.     

A cruel glint flickered in his eyes as if he was a beast about to devour its prey.    

 "There was another group who were tracking Austin besides us," Cecil said.  

   "They were about five people, and all of them had a dangerous aura. I estimated that I wasn't as strong as them, so I didn't dare to come closer. I only observed them from a distance," he continued.     

The rest of them jaw-dropped in surprise.     

'What? There are others tracking Austin too?' they thought.     

They were all stunned by the unexpected news.     

Marvin was slightly confused as he thought about it.   

"If it is the case, the situation will turn interesting.". . . .     

Meanwhile, in a very secluded part of the forest, Austin looked around confusedly.     
He sensed that there were people watching him. After he carefully observed his surroundings, he still couldn't find them.     

It was quite strange. Austin thought that the one probably watching him had a high cultivation base, so he couldn't find him. Or, someone chased him from behind, but he hadn't gotten close yet.   

  If it was the first reason, those who were watching him were surely the five unknown ones--they must've found and followed him.     

He was really unlucky!     

Austin's face suddenly blanched when his sharp spiritual sense alerted him that two people were quickly moving towards him.   

He stomped his tiptoes slightly on the ground then started the Wind-commanding Skill, and he moved about five meters away in a second.    

 However, he also heard swooshing sounds at the same time.     

More than ten short darts shot past through where he was a while ago, then pierced the grey-white tree trunks beside him.     

The short darts glittered coldly under the light. Most of the darts, which were made of fine steel, directly pierced the trunk quivering with a low whistling sound.    

 "Come out!" Austin shouted.     

He rolled into a nearby patch of the forest and took out his sword, while he coldly stared at the thick wood in front of him.     

"You have really good bodily movement skills. No wonder you escaped even with so many people after you.   

But now, our Blood Wolf Team has found you, and the only thing you can do is to die," a cruel voice spoke.     

Two figures emerged behind a big tree.     
The one in a red coat had a big, fleshy built. He looked quite revolting. He held a mace in one hand, which was almost as tall as a man.     

The other one had hideous eyes and eyebrows, and a scar on his face. His cold eyes viciously stared at Austin.    

 "The Blood Wolf Team?     

Are you from the Blood Wolf Team?" Austin asked.     

He seemed to have realized something.     
He had heard of the Blood Wolf Team. He knew that they were an infamous group made up of independent cultivators. They specialized in evil deeds such as robbery, kidnapping, and the like.   

"Why is the Blood Wolf Team looking for me?"    

The two unpleasant men across him laughed. "Why? Haha! Don't you know what we do for a living? Someone offered twenty thousand vital energy crystals in exchange for your life!" the grotesque man said.   

  He must be the one who talked a moment ago.   

  'Did someone really offer twenty vital energy crystals to ask for my life?' Austin thought. He never expected that.   

  'Are they from Sun Sect?' he thought again.   

  He concluded so because the only people he had ever offended were from Sun Sect.     

However, they were mainly grunt disciples or outer disciples. None of them could offer such a large sum of vital energy crystals—twenty thousand vital energy crystals were a huge amount!   

"Who is it then?" Austin asked.     

Once again, the two hideous men just laughed.     

"Haha! I am sorry. Our Blood Wolf Team forbids us to disclose whoever hires us. You should know that," the ugly man said.     

"You've already talked too much. Let's just kill him and go back," the big, fleshy man cut them off.

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