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 Season 1

Episode 97

(Grand pagoda summoning skills (1)

Hang on a second, WHAT?     

What the hell was he doing?    

 Every single member of the audience was nonplussed on noticing Austin's weird behavior. They fixated their sights on him and stared with curiosity all over them.     

"Well then. Do what you must. I can already tell you that it will be in vain!"   

 Billy yelled confidently. He gazed at Austin and locked him under his killing intent, spear held still in his hand. For a second, he didn't move, allowing Austin to continue. But there was something about him!     

At that moment, he was flashing the demeanor and bearing that a powerful cultivator should have. Mighty, graceful, and confident.   

The audience gazed at him in admiration. Those who had placed a bet on his win getting more and more excited.    

 The female disciples, who were crazy fans of him were fascinated head over heels now.     

Amid the chatter of the crowd, their squeals could be clearly heard," Billy is so dashing!"    

"I am Billy's greatest fan! I am gonna be on his side forever!"    

Billy's companions felt proud too. They stood tall with heads held high. One could almost get the notion that the girls were chasing them and not Billy from their proud expressions.     

Seeing the crowd's supportive attitude, Billy was pleased of himself. He held his spear still, looking at Austin disdainfully out of the corner of his eye. In his eyes, the battle was already won and he just had to drop one last blow.   

However, Austin didn't care about the chatter, or indeed about Billy's point of view. He used the Wind-commanding Skill he had learned to fend off the rapidly building up pressure. At the same time, all his vital energy was now concentrated between his hands, swirling and billowing, in numerous strands of light.     

Suddenly, a hum and clang rang out just as the shimmering strands between his hands joined together into one big ball.     With a burst of dazzling golden light, a radiant, three-layer pagoda appeared over Austin's palms.     

There was something unusual and frightening about the pagoda. It sent a shiver down the spines of everyone who saw it, almost as if it was a malevolent entity.     

For unknown reasons, it was affecting everyone, including Billy, whose heartbeat was racing faster now.   

"Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill!"    someone suddenly shouted in horror as he recognized the spell.    

 Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was a fourth-grade spell, supposedly very powerful. At least in theory. However, it had few real practitioners due to the extreme amounts of risks involved in its use. Most of the cultivators had abandoned it completely.   

 The Sacred Scriptures Library housed this spell, but all the book ever did was collect dust with each passing day. Its reputation preceded it. It was stored on the second floor of the library initially, but moved to the ground floor as time flew by.     

Rumors were always told of it and therefore, each disciple in Sun Sect knew of it and of its risks.     

Even those who didn't know what it looked like had heard its name and recognized it after hearing its name.  

 Dumbfounded and horrified, they stared at the radiant pagoda, wondering just what desperate or stupid idea had driven Austin towards practicing this spell.     

By general agreement, it was an accepted fact that using the spell was a suicidal act. The masters did not encourage its practice, and some of them didn't even teach it. Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was a double-edged sword, and only fools or nuts would have used it. What was wrong with Austin? Did he have a death wish or what?     Just how desperate was Austin? Was he afraid of death? Or was he in fear of failure? Was he acting recklessly in his hopeless situation? Did he really want to rely on this spell to defeat Billy? The audience gazed speechlessly at Austin. 

    However, a few very rare disciples sensed something different, especially those who had been practicing martial arts for a long time now. According to rumors they'd heard from their elders, Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was the most dangerous of all the skills. The mortality rate associated with its use and learning was terribly high.   

Many had perished trying to learn it. But Austin seemed to have ducked death. And it didn't look like he'd managed that by sheer dumb luck. There was something remarkable about this man and he seemed to possess remarkable physical and mental strength. Perhaps that was why he was relying on such a skill.    

 But Austin didn't care what people thought of him. He was satisfied with the effect of this skill. The pagoda he summoned was exactly as powerful as he had expected and nothing less.    

 There were thousands of spells at each level of the realm and each was associated with its own side effects. The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill developed an energy with itself that was mingled with malicious thoughts. Thus, affected by the violent wills that haunted the pagoda, arrogance and wrath built inside Austin little by little and he was filled with it before he could realize it.   

A wicked smile appeared on his face when he raised his head to face his opponent. He laughed out loud and declared in a malicious tone," Ha ha ha! You want to kill me? Let's see who will get slaughtered today!"  

  Billy glowered at him, though he was slightly afraid on the inside. He braced himself against the pagoda, holding his spear still and tight.  

   With a roar, he charged forward. "Die!"    Just as he reached within range and swiped his spear at Austin, the accumulated energy inside the latter's hand gushed out in a stream.    

 It touched the spear and the very air looked like it had been torn apart where the front of the spear went.   

Austin's eyes had been fixed on Billy's spear. His pupils had narrowed in the thrill and excitement of the battle and all his hairs were standing up. He could sense the devastating strength of the spear, and the keenness of its tip.   

  But he wasn't afraid. Golden-colored vital energy was emanating from his veins, which kept pouring into the palm of his hand, and into the golden pagoda over his palms.     

Raging power surged inside the pagoda, and a destructive will emanated from it, sweeping the whole area.    

 Austin's hair billowed in the wind, arms held high. Like a deity who had descended to the earth for one sole battle, he was holding the destructive force in his hands that no one else had dared to use. Under his aura, no one was strong enough to look him in the eye. As the power of his energy converged, the pagoda in his hands outshone the mid-day sun. Even the air nearby had evaporated in the great power of his spell.   

And he suddenly moved.     

His foot tapped the ground, then he bolted forward like an arrow.    

 ... ...    

 "Die! Die!"  

Billy roared in a rough voice. Without the slightest pause, he stabbed his spear at Austin lightning-fast.



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