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Bloom For You

Episode 10

“If you’re trying break in, you should know that the most valuable thing in this entire shitty building is the building manager’s Persian cat.” She crossed her arms across her chest. “And that thing is already hanging on by a thread.”

“No. I uh…” I wasn’t exactly sure how to reply but I didn’t want to seem like a creep. “I need to get inside to check on my friend. Maybe you know her? Rosaline Reed.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed a bit and she pursed her red-painted lips. “What’s your name?”

“Dex Quinn, I’m her boss.”

Her eyes went wide. “The artist? Holy shit!”

The egotistical prick in me couldn’t help but soak up her admiration for a bit, I loved being recognized, but I needed to focus on the task at hand.

So I lied.

“She called me earlier and she sounded sick so I figured I would come check on her but I can’t get in the building.”

The woman smirked at me as if she saw right through my bullshit but instead of blowing me off, she moved ahead of me with her keys out, motioning for me to join her.

As we made our way up the narrow flight of stairs, I took in my surroundings. The remnants of what must have once been a beautiful home, turned into a total shithole over the years. From the leaking roof to the smell of rotting wood, it was obvious there had been no care or upkeep to the place and I hated to think of Rosie living here. Maybe I needed to rethink her salary negotiation.

“That’s her apartment right there.” The woman pointed to a black door on the far right side of the hallway. “But I live right across the hall and if I hear so much as a scuffle I’m busting that door down and beating your tight little ass.” She jabbed a finger into the middle of my chest jokingly, but I could tell she was serious.

Before the woman made her way into her apartment she turned to me, “Oh, and tell Rosaline that Nora said she has a lot of goddamned explaining to do.”

I waited until Nora was safely tucked inside of her apartment before pounding on Rosie’s front door. “Sweetheart, it’s Dex, open up.”

“I thought I told you not to come.” Even through the thick door her sweet voice sounded awful.

I rested my forehead against the gold plated markings in front of me, “I know you didn’t think I was just going to let you cry those pretty little eyes out all alone did you?” I rapped on the door with my knuckles another three times. “Open the door, baby.”

Rosie slowly pulled the door open, revealing her sad, tear-stained face to me, her soft body immediately falling into my arms.



As soon as I saw his handsome face I couldn’t help but throw myself at him. I tucked my body against his strong chest and reveled at the feeling of his arms wrapped around me. It had been so long since I’d been held like this. Years maybe,

and I felt completely starved of touch and affection.

The short phone call I shared with my father the night before left me overly emotional and terrified. I was doing so well, refusing to think of him or the rest of my family while restarting my life, but all of my progress had been obliterated in minutes from just hearing his voice. I was afraid he would find me and drag me back to California, to my life of loneliness and ridicule, far away from the freedom and contentment I found since I’d been here.

I didn’t care that I was supposed to be keeping things professional with Dex, I didn’t care that I didn’t want him, or anyone else, to see me in such a vulnerable state.

I needed him.

I needed him to wrap his arms around me and tell me everything would be alright, and I needed to believe it. Even if only for a few seconds.

Before I knew it, I had dissolved into another round of sobs, my hands bunching up in the back of his soft t-shirt. Holding onto him for dear life.

Dex brought one of his strong hands up to the back of my head, stroking through my hair. He let me get out my sadness and frustration without any comment or judgment, and soon enough, his presence was enough to calm me down.

I looked up at him bashfully, feeling extremely embarrassed. “Sorry for crying all over you.”

He sighed. “You don’t need to apologize for crying, Rosie.”

“Still…” I couldn’t help but try to justify my actions. “You didn’t need to come all the way over here just to have me ruin your shirt. I’m sure you were busy.”

“I’m never too busy to let you into my arms, sweetheart.” His smirk was back in full effect, but I knew his words were serious.

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