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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 41

Roland’s POV 

At Night 
I smiled warmly as I stared deeply at the stars by the window of my room just when Mena walked in.

‘You love the stars don’t you??’.She asked as she sat next to me and i nodded.

‘I might forget everything about my past life but the stars don’t….the stars don’t forget’.

‘Who is this….who is this woman in your dreams Roland??’.She asked and my smile faded instantly the moment I thought about it.

‘I loved her Mena and I still do,I still love her more than anything and I know I do’.i replied and she chuckled softly.

‘You can’t be in love with a person you don’t even remember your highness’.

‘I know but i am in love with her Mena and i—’.My voice cut off the moment she got up and took off her clothes again right in front of me.

‘Mena your father’.

‘My father wants me to get married to some lad in the West side but all I want is you deep inside me’.She replied and even though she was naked in front of me, she just reminded me of someone else.

A memory flashed through my head again and I remembered touching and making her moan in a beautiful garden but I still couldn’t see her face.

It was…

‘I remember!! I remember I have a secret garden!!’.

Edward’s POV 

‘We scouted and did all we can my Lord,the princess is nowhere to be found’.One of my gaurds said and my lips set in a hard line.

‘Find her!! I don’t care what you do just find her!!’.I yelled at the top of my voice and they all left.

They have been scouting for days now and she’s still nowhere to be found.

I know she’s beautiful beyond comprehension but that doesn’t mean she’s as smart too??.

Clearly I underestimated her and I fear she might come back to bite me.

She’s not a person who goes down without a fight.

‘She might be dead brother’.Reana muttered as she sat next to me.

‘No she isn’t,she’s smarter than what we take her for Reana and she will come for me I’m sure of that’.I grunted and her brows rose up questionably.

‘You sound sc—

‘I am not scared!!’.I snapped before she could say anything else and then two of my men dragged Nana rose inside.

‘You traitor!!’.She yelled at the top of her voice and I smirked lightly.

‘I am not a traitor Nana Rose,I’m just back on the winning side and you can be too if you just tell me where she is’.

‘Even if I knew,I would rather die than betray my Queen’.She replied.

‘Tell me where she is or I will have your head off and in a sack!!’.I threatened more harshly but no matter what I do, it never shook her one bit.

‘She is the King’s woman Edward,when she comes for you she’ll come hard until you die’.She whispered and my fists clenched.

‘Cut her head off’.

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