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Season 3

Episode 6

(The Battle of Life vitality (1)

The refiner's face was distorted because of the attack. He wanted to run his life vitality to break through these chains. But when he tried to do that, he found that his life vitality couldn't be formed.     He was then bound up to the Oceiros' Pillar, falling rapidly.     

This was just one of the special functions of Oceiros' Pillar. Anyone who was bound to it would be unable to use the life vitality. The Pillar could lock the life vitality, and even the powerful men of Illuminating Soul Realm could not overcome it. They had to rely on their physical strength and fight like ordinary warriors.    

 There were also two other refiners being trapped by the powerful Oceiros' Pillar and falling toward the ground one by one.   

Only Spencer could pound the Oceiros' Pillar to pieces with his brute strength. There were also two other powerful men of Illuminating Soul Realm that were able to avoid the attacks from Oceiros' Pillar by their special and agile moves.     

"In addition to the Oceiros' Pillar, Oceiros is also very strong. Only we three are here now and we must do everything to stop Oceiros!" cried Spencer. And then he raised his mighty hammers and bravely met Oceiros head-on.     

The other two refiners were also good at physical combat. Together with Spencer, they successfully subdued Oceiros' ferocious attack.     

While the three men were fighting closely to ward off the attacks of one of the demon kings, Zen kept absorbing the demon's holy fire.    

 He absorbed it faster and faster and finally he had taken almost half of the demon's holy fire into his body.     

The existing black mist was getting thinner. And one could see the figures of Aldrich and Yolande from time to time.  

 Aldrich's face looked dreadful amidst the black fog.     

He was holding his strongest card and that was the demon's holy fire. As long as it was there, he was unbreakable. The holy fire not only could intensify his speed and strength but also could help him restore his evil spirit three times faster.     

These were all the reasons why Aldrich wanted to use the life vitality to compete with Yolande with reckless abandon.    

 Inside the demon's holy fire, Aldrich's power and strength had been enhanced greatly like an immortal.     

But now! It turned out to be much different from what Aldrich had expected. That damned human boy had consumed almost all of the demon's holy fire!     

The demon's holy fire could be used to improve the physical strength of a demon. If a demon general could cultivate in the demon's holy fire, the possibility of progressing to a demon king would be increased ten times compared to when he refined in the normal world!   

However, there was never a demon who could absorb the demon's holy fire intensely. Even Aldrich, the demon king himself, could not do such a thing!    

 Aldrich had used some special methods to lock up the demon's holy fire in his demon core. If he absorbed so much holy fire in one breath like Zen had done, his body would explode. He would definitely die, but this human boy was still alive now.    

 'Is he a real human? Oh, no... Who the hell is this boy? How could his body endure so much demon's holy fire?'    Aldrich could not understand that. 

Compared to the shocked and confused look of the demon king, Yolande looked calm. Although she was also a little surprised to see Zen absorbing the demon's holy fire, she did not pay much attention to think about this strange phenomenon. On the one hand, she did not have too strong curiosity about anything, and on the other hand, her understanding of demon's holy fire was far less than Aldrich. She did not know how strong and terrible the demon's holy fire was. For Yolande, it was just a fire from the demon .

She kept summoning her life vitality from her body and fighting against Aldrich, life vitality to life vitality.    

 But the consumption speed of her life vitality was much faster than Aldrich's. At this moment, her face was pale because of excessive extraction of life vitality.    

 When Aldrich saw Yolande's pallor face, he formed a plan in his mind. After all, he was a demon king and he thought that his evil spirit must be more than the life vitality of this human girl.     

Even in the absence of demon's holy fire, Aldrich was confident to win.    

 Spencer and the other two refiners who were combating with Oceiros felt elated to see that the demon's holy fire was getting thinner.   

But when they realized that Yolande was competing with Aldrich on life vitality, their happiness disappeared.     

The evil spirit of a demon king was far greater than the life vitality of a human.  

   Even though Yolande was special from the rest of the refiners of Illuminating Soul Realm, and her life vitality which was stored in her body was several times more than that of a normal refiner of Illuminating Soul Realm, she was no match to a demon king. Not to mention to compete with Aldrich, which ranked as one of the strongest demon kings.     

"Go help her!" Spencer once again raised his sledgehammers to turn back an attack from Oceiros and then he took avail of such a short break time to ask the refiner of Illuminating Soul Realm beside him to help Yolande.     

Once receiving the command, this refiner soon summoned his life vitality to generate a fire beneath his feet to quicken his speed, and then he was about to rush toward Yolande. All these refiners of Illuminating Soul Realm knew clearly that it was a critical moment for both parties who were competing with their life vitality. At this moment, Yolande and Aldrich were afraid of any outer distraction and could not spare any other life vitality to face the attacks from the others. Any distraction might lead to serious injury.   

And the refiner who planned to intervene was known for his agility. That was the reason that Spencer had asked him to help Yolande. He could move faster than a speeding bullet. Just now he had bravely dodged the attack from Oceiros' Pillar because of his speed.     

But just as he was about to make a dash, Oceiros also moved faster and stopped him from flying to Yolande.    

 Earlier, Oceiros wanted to stop Zen from absorbing the demon's holy fire since it was significant to Aldrich. Now, since the holy fire had been absorbed by Zen, Oceiros looked around, and noticed that Aldrich was actually competing with the little human girl with life vitality.   

At that moment, Oceiros was completely certain that the little human girl would lose the fight.


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