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 Season 3

Episode 23

(So huge(1)

Just as the big man instructed, Zen walked twenty miles on the main road after exiting the north gate of G County.     Considering his speed, Zen finished the 20 miles instantly.     

And then, he saw a path which led to a small mountain not far from where he was standing. This would be Cloudy Mountain!     

Sure enough, just as the big man had said, Cloudy Mountain was small in size and not famous. There were several similar mountains all over, and probably few people in G County knew about it.   

  After Zen climbed to the top of the mountain, he saw a bamboo forest on the side. Following the instructions given by the big man, Zen entered the forest. 

Almost immediately he heard the sound of water. When he looked around, Zen saw several small streams flowing down from the mountain and gathering in a pool.   

"Dragon Valley must be just after this pool. I wonder what secret is hidden in the valley!"    

Zen walked along the edge of the pool. Suddenly two voices came from the front. "Who dares to come here?"    

Zen didn't get a chance to reply. The question was followed by the sound of something flying through the air. An instant later, Zen saw two flying axes spinning toward him at high speed.  

   Zen was not expecting hostility as soon as he entered the forest. However, his reflexes were quick. In the blink of an eye, Zen pulled out his broken flying knife and launched it at the axes. The broken flying knife made an arc in the sky as it cut through both of the axes.     

With a small smile, Zen then peered through the dense forest for the people who had thrown the axes. Soon he saw two men standing not far away with axes in their hands. They walked closer to Zen as they spoke, "We are from the Yu Clan. You are not allowed to come here. Leave quickly!"  

"What if I don't leave?" Zen sneered. When at White Emperor City, he didn't suffer the autocratic style of the top seven noble clans. So why would he listen to these people?    

 "You are courting death!"    

"We will cut you like a human stick and plant you in the bamboo forest to warn others, in case someone else decides to break in!"    

The two didn't give Zen a chance to reply. Instead, they rushed to him with the flying axes held firmly in their hands. 

When they were about three feet away from Zen, they threw their axes, aiming for Zen's arms and legs. They were truly going to cut his arms and legs to make him like a human stick!   

Although the four flying axes were thrown at the same time, they arrived one after another.     

Zen waved his right hand, and the energy emitted from the Phoenix Crystal on his arm spread through him. His arm moved swiftly.     

He caught a spinning flying ax with his bare hand.    

 What was more, when Zen caught the flying ax, he was able to launch it back at the two guards. In an instant, he had caught and returned each of the four axes in succession.    

 When seen from a distance, it appeared as though Zen had deflected the path of the axes. However, he had caught them one after another and then thrown each back.     

The effect of the Phoenix Crystal was surprising!     

Usually, people would place a Phoenix Crystal in their weapon. However, Zen could inlay it in his body.   

The two people from the Yu Clan were astonished to see that Zen had caught and thrown their flying axes back so skillfully. The two brothers were guards employed by the Yu Clan. 

They had practiced with the flying ax for dozens of years before being able to reach the stage where they could throw it over long distances and with high speed. Even they didn't dare to catch a flying ax once they had thrown it! But this young man had caught their axes. How could that be possible?     

Zen didn't give them a chance to think about this question. As soon as he had flung the last ax, Zen rushed toward the two guards.     

As he moved, Zen extracted the energy of the Phoenix Crystal and quickly spread it all over his body through the meridians. Then he felt as though his body was much lighter, like a leaf.  

Having enhanced his strength, Zen's figure shot toward the guards like a ghost.     

When the guards saw that Zen had caught their flying axes with one hand, they realized that he was not an ordinary person. They stopped to observe his movements carefully. As soon as they detected that Zen was rushing at them, they took out two more axes and aimed for his head.    

 Zen didn't give them a chance to swing their axes.     

When flying past, Zen's broken flying knife mirrored his movements. Soon, one of the guards stood still with a shocked expression as a thin blood line grew on his neck. At the same time, Zen spun his body, and the broken flying knife copied the movement. The second guard's neck happened to be on the path of the broken flying knife. After the broken flying knife flew past, a cut on the guard's neck could be seen.   

He had killed the two guards of the Yu Clan in an instant.    

 Zen put away the broken flying knife and walked past the bodies of the two guards.     

The big man had shared that Dragon Valley was the base of the Bamboo Leaf Sect. In the valley, all kinds of weapons and liquor jars were placed at random, and some wooden houses had been built for them to live in.     

As Zen walked around Dragon Valley, he didn't encounter any more people. It was strange that the only people he had seen so far were the two guards.

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