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 Season 3

Episode 4

(The Battle of opposite Force)

'How about the flying knife? Will it work?' wondered Zen.   

 Then he took the knife out from his space ring and threw it forcefully towards the curtain of light.   

  Much to his astonishment, though the knife was old and shabby, it didn't cause damage to the curtain of light but instead, passed through smoothly.   

  It seemed that everything, even the life energy could penetrate and pass through the curtain of light freely except for Zen.     
Zen remarked that his skills were no longer useful to him, and thus he had to rely on his own strength to get through this obstacle. Unfortunately, he had tried several times only to be disappointed.   

  He felt defeated as he heard Yolande's voice coming from the thick black mist above him.   

"The Formless Enchantment! Break!"   

 As these powerful words were spoken, a roar of anger echoed in silence. It was the voice of the demon king Aldrich. At that same time, the black mist began to roll and release more intense energy.  

   Zen, who was near the curtain of light, distanced himself as waves of billowing black mists came rolling toward him.  

  With his feet on the curtain, Zen tried to escape from the surging black mist. He didn't know which way to go and soon a cloud of black mist enveloped him.    


The destructive power of the black mist had intensified tenfold in a blink of an eye!    

Zen's skin was scraped and it opened to an ugly wound. It bled profusely in horror.   

When Zen finally struggled out from the cloud of black mist, to his dismay, there was another one moving on his way. The dark mists had started to cover every nook and cranny and he was now in a dead end with nowhere to hide. 

   In truth, Yolande was losing her power.     These black mists were from the demon's holy fire. It was the demon's cryptic secret which could only be used by the powerful and special demons.   

  How enigmatic it could be? This wasn't effective on Yolande as it could not hurt her at all. The problem was the demon king Aldrich himself. His intensified agility and strength allowed him to hide his presence in the fire. He could manipulate the demon's holy fire like a skilled warrior.     


There was a deafening sound of a bone spur passing through the air.   

Yolande ducked to avoid it from behind, but at the moment of her avoidance, a pair of long and bony demon claws came down from above her head.    

 "The Formless Enchantment! Slash!"    

With Yolande's cry, a thin transparent glow formed in her hand, and its sharp edge cut towards the claws.   


The powerful enchantment was easily broken by Aldrich, and its huge claws continued to move to Yolande.   

  Yolande gave a wink and a stern look flashed on her face. Her grey pupils became whiter as winter frost as she furrowed her brows.    

 If anyone had seen her expression, he would have been rather surprised.     

Ever since Yolande arrived in White Emperor City, she maintained an indifferent look on her face. People noted that even the whole city were to be conquered and the entire Eastern Region occupied by demons, she would probably not show any emotions on her angelic face.   

But on this fateful day, she showed an emotion and that was anger.     

Her face became indifferent once again. This time, she didn't hide from the claws.    

The demon king Aldrich was much stronger than Yolande, he didn't want to be defeated by a girl. And he was almost ready to crush this delicate human girl!  

   He was startled and provoked when Yolande rushed towards him. With a little snap of his fingers, he could smash the girl's delicate body.   

  To his surprise, Yolande came closer to him and he found that in her hand was a glowing blood-red enchantment.    

 "The Blood Prison Enchantment!"  


The blood-red enchantment expanded as soon as Yolande threw it. It was creeping quickly, and finally enveloped her and the demon king Aldrich.     

When the Blood Prison Enchantment completely covered them, Yolande's life vitality gushed wildly from her navel like a strong tidal wave. Her life vitality had no color and invisible but nonetheless, precious. However, it was as powerful as Aldrich's evil spirit.     

Yolande intended to use her life vitality to attack Aldrich!     

But it would do her much harm as it would to the enemy.     

However, in the demon's holy fire, Aldrich had an edge. It was Yolande's last bullet to beat him and he had no way but to match her life vitality.     

She was determined to gamble her fate in one strike.   

Aldrich couldn't escape from the Blood Prison Enchantment. As Yolande's life vitality rushed towards him, he roared in his uncanny voice, "Human girl, I will never be defeated by your life vitality!"  

  As he uttered his words, waves of fierce evil spirit were released from his body to Yolande.    

 The evil spirit was the demon's life vitality.    

 Yolande's life vitality and Aldrich's evil spirit collided. The two opposite forces like water and fire constantly interweaved with each other and produced a colorful light which carried an amazing power!     

This was a dangerous combat and once it began, there was no stopping. The first one to retreat would lose the fight. So no one would stop until the very last drop of their life vitality was consumed.     

The demon king Aldrich kept unleashing his terrifying evil spirit. He growled and growled while baring his sharp fangs to Yolande as he tried to threaten her.   

To his disappointment, Yolande remained stolid and still. Her hands crossed, her white silk robe fluttering, and her life vitality flowed to him like a tidal wave.     

At this moment, the battle outside the demon's holy fire gradually stopped. The three demon kings and the humans in the Illuminating Soul Realm were in truce.     

The demon kings and the refiners from the imperial army focused their attention on the black mist.     

The demon king Aldrich and Yolande were within the black mist and they were two of the strongest forces from each side.     

The outcome of their battle would greatly affect the whole White Emperor City.     

But the thick layers of black mist completely obscured what was inside, leaving them nothing to see about the on-going battle.   

"Did Yolande lose? Her rival is the demon king Aldrich, after all," said one of the refiners in the Illuminating Soul Realm, with an anxious look.    

 "Don't worry about Yolande. She is different from the rest of us. She was born with the ability to become stronger when facing a stronger rival," stated another refiner who had great confidence in Yolande.   

  "The black mist of the demon's holy fire could disturb a soul, and we cannot see what's going on inside…"  

  "Look! Why is the bottom of the black mist dissipating?"   

 Then the curious crowd turned their eyes on the fire's bottom, where they saw a whirlwind vortex was sucking the black mist.     

A man in the Illuminating Soul Realm descended, looked up from the bottom, and shouted, "It's Zen!"  

"What?" Lennie was surprised with what he just heard. Then he moved to the bottom of the demon's holy fire on a silver sword and there he saw Zen lying at the bottom.     

There were pieces of gold foils floating above Zen's body. They kept spinning into small whirlwind vortexes and then sucking the black mist.   

"What.. what happened to this boy.. Lennie murmured in disbelief.


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