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 Season 3

Episode 35

(Desperate malee(2)

The characters disappeared into thin air. Shortly after a strip of life vitality was shot from the Eight Diagrams and was directly aimed at Sandra. She was instantly trapped, then in the next second the life vitality targeted the Illuminating Soul Realm master who stood beside Sandra and trapped him as well. It quickly trapped Wilson Huang too.    

 When the life vitality attacked Zen, he jumped in an attempt to dodge it. However, the life vitality's speed was just too fast like the speed of light, and the moment Zen jumped upward the life vitality seemed to sense his move and swerved accordingly. It successfully trapped Zen into its spell.     

After all of them were trapped, everyone in the pavilion was connected by the strip of life vitality.    

 "What's it doing by locking us together?" one of them asked in panic.   

Meanwhile, Zen lowered his head. Dumbfounded, he looked at the life vitality that had him tied up around the waist.     

Suddenly, an idea struck his mind and he realized what the life vitality was doing to them.     

The so-called "Desperate Melee" meant that all the people who were connected by the life vitality strip were to fight against each other--and in the final round, only one person would be left alive.    

 The rest of them seemed to realize this too, and they visibly trembled with shock.    

 They were all deep at loss, and cast anxious looks at each other.     

It was really true that they were pitted in a killing game now!     

Although the top seven noble clans held deep grudges against each other and competed against each other for their own benefits, they were now comrades in the adventure of exploring the fairy palace. It would be extremely difficult for them to kill each other when they were currently united as a team now.   

It was true that they found it hard to kill each other in the noble clans, but it was easy for them to work together and fight against the outsiders that did not belong to the noble clans.    

 Today, there was at least one outsider that they thought would be easy to deal with, and that one was surely Zen.    

 "What the hell is the Desperate Melee? Let's kill this mask brat first!" Wilson screamed. He definitely itched to kill Zen ever since the start of the journey, so they would all be rid of him. Now, there was a justified reason for him to do so. 

As soon as he finished talking, all the bones in his body cracked. The life vitality within him burned madly and came at Zen.   

Once Wilson lunged at Zen, the piercing sword intent came sharply at him. It stabbed Wilson on the back with a resounding crack, and penetrated right through his chest!     

Wilson's head lolled to the side and he looked backward. He was flabbergasted when he saw Seymour, who held an exquisite jade sword in his hands and stood behind him. "Sorry. This Desperate Melee will only allow one survivor and it will definitely be me!" he said lightly.    

 He had analyzed the situation more thoroughly than Wilson did. Only one person could live in the end, and he clearly knew that the other Illuminating Soul Realm masters were his real opponents. Zen on the other hand, was merely a nobody who was only half-step into the nature level in his eyes. He was doomed to be killed by the others, so Seymour would let them do the work and didn't bother to do anything to him.   

Thanks to Seymour's course of action, Zen got a narrow escape from death.     Just moments ago, the Illuminating Soul Realm masters all thought to kill Zen first. Now, they began to kill each other.  

   Even Sandra, who helped them to decipher the Eight Diagrams, was targeted by two of the masters as well.     Except for Zen, all the other people were Illuminating Soul Realm masters. Life vitality constantly burned through their bodies and made them move lightning fast in the fight. Thus, even if the huge pavilion was expansive, there seemed to be not enough space for them to dodge the attacks.     

Different colors of light which represented different types of life vitality suddenly bathed the whole pavilion in a myriad of glowing and dazzling shades. 

The Illuminating Soul Realm masters of Huang Clan, Yu Clan, and Yun Clan all exerted their efforts to show their unique skills of killing people. All kinds of life vitality gleamed brightly and tangled in the air, while they emitted thunderous noises.   

The people who had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm were all wise people. They knew it was a choice between to exert all their efforts to kill others, or to be killed.     

Now that everyone was busy and focused on killing each other, Zen became the least to be threatened.    

 The masters attacked and dodged each other, and many of them shot small glances at Zen. However, with the knowledge that Zen was only half-step into the nature level, they brushed past him and didn't bother to attack him at all.    

 They all thought that once they finished killing the others, it would be a piece of cake to get rid of this weakling. If they fought Zen now, they also had to risk being attacked by the other Illuminating Soul Realm masters behind the back, so they all decided to ignore Zen first.   

 A helpless look was etched on Zen's face as he looked at the life vitality that connected him to other people. No matter how this fight would end up, he would undoubtedly face one Illuminating Soul Realm master when it finished.    

 He almost killed Hugh by taking advantage of his Five-clawed Golden Dragon last time, but that was largely attributed to his good luck.     

When it came to real strength, he was afraid that he would be no match against the powerful Illuminating Soul Realm masters.     

"What should I do?" he muttered to himself. As he watched the Illuminating Soul Realm masters fought fiercely against each other, he brooded deeply in his thoughts. He got quite a lot of time to think as nobody was currently attacking him.   

At this exact point of time, an Illuminating Soul Realm master suddenly summoned a giant hawk. The giant bird of prey squawked loudly and ferociously came at Seymour.    

 In turn, a green light flashed on Seymour and his jade sword glowed brightly. As he dodged the giant hawk, he waved his sword at the Illuminating Soul Realm master who summoned the giant hawk.     
The aggressive battle Seymour had him in left no time for the Illuminating Soul Realm master to manipulate his giant hawk, which was formed from his life vitality. Thus, the great bird just hovered aimlessly above Zen's head.

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