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 Season 3

Episode 32

(The eight diagrams (1)

Although the jade-paved path looked peaceful and tranquil, it was actually a deathtrap in disguise. The crowd was aware of this, so they turned back hastily and fled.     

Luckily, they hadn't walked that far yet so they got to retreat in an instant. However, two Koi fish still managed to jump out and swallow two nature creatures among them.     

A frown was etched on Zen's face as he watched the pond and stood motionless on the shore. It couldn't be better for him if these noble people explored the path before him.    

 It seemed that the fairy palace posed dangers far beyond their imagination.   

  They thought that the fairy palace would be a safe place, since a large enchanted barrier was set up to isolate the giant beasts outside. If any of them broke in, the fairy palace would become a palace of monsters.   

However, nobody among them imagined that the Koi fish would block their way and threaten their lives.    

 The crowd still stood by the shore. Their eyes cast nervous looks at the pond, and saw the dense school of Koi fish that swam towards the jade path. A rough estimate would say that there were probably thousands of the giant Koi fishes in the waters, which was possible since the pond was as big as a lake.    

 No matter what kind of creature crossed the jade path or even went near it, let alone fell into the pond, the Koi fishes would jump out and instantly tear them up.     

They looked at the pill refining and weapon refining workshops from a distance frustrated. Nobody was willing to return from a treasure trove empty-handed.   

The woman with long hair, old Wilson, Seymour, and the other Illuminating Soul Realm masters looked at each other meaningfully. After a little while, they all rose up high in the air by burning their life vitality.     

It was worth noting that the Koi fishes could jump high as one thousand feet.    

 The shadows of the hovering Illuminating Soul Real masters reflected and rippled on the clear waters. Since they flew higher, the jumping fish couldn't reach them.    

 However, they were all aware that even if they could avoid the Koi fishes' attacks, there might be other disasters waiting for them.     

Still, people under great temptation always risked their lives to seek out adventures. The greater risk they faced, the greater reward they would get.    

 Besides, if they gave up now, all their previous efforts would just be wasted. 

The Illuminating Soul Realm masters understood this and did not hesitate to fly towards a pavilion at the center of the pond.   

The Illuminating Soul Realm masters understood this and did not hesitate to fly towards a pavilion at the center of the pond.     

Unlike the nature creatures, the Illuminating Soul Realm masters had the ability to fly. Thus, the nature creatures had no choice but to wait on the shore.

     Meanwhile, Zen stood beside the lot of nature creatures and thought about what measures could be taken.     

These Koi fish were fanged, numerous in quantity, and huge in size. But no matter how large they were, they were still fish.     
If the Illuminating Soul Realm master who was previously eaten by the Koi fishes chose to sprint at a high speed from the beginning, he might not be captured so easily.    

 'After all, the Koi fish is simple-mind animal. It can't think and judge like humans do. And, the jade path is not too long. I should be able to run through it in really swift velocity.   

Of course, it is too dangerous.    

 But speaking of danger, are there no dangers awaiting those Illuminating Soul Realm masters who flew over the pond? Life itself is a crisis. I'm not here for pleasure, ' he thought.     

With those beliefs in mind, Zen decided to venture out into the jade path.     

He stood at where the path began and took a deep breath. Then, he positioned himself into a sprint posture. Hushed whispers followed and many eyes were now fixed on him.     

"What does he want to do?" "Is he crazy?"   

 "Is he trying to run through the jade path? Brad was at Illuminating Soul Realm, and much stronger than him, but even he didn't make it."    

"Huh! Maybe he signed his own death warrant. It would be better for him to die now. We're not gonna let him remain alive anyway."  

The nature creatures on the shore murmured among themselves. On one hand, they took delight in and wished that Zen would feed his body to the Koi fish. On the other hand, they envied Zen's courage. After all, they didn't dare act like Zen, even though they were nature creatures.    


After one more deep breath, Zen darted out like an arrow shot from a longbow's taut string.     

A tremendous force surged from Zen's body as he awakened the cyan dragon with more than a hundred glittering scales in his mind.     

"Swish, swish!"    

"Bam, bam!"  

The moment Zen rushed forward, he heard the sound of the imminent fishes' flapping of tails and splashes of water. 

Countless gigantic Koi fishes leapt and bit at him, their mouths opened which exposed sharp teeth.    

 "Plop, plop, plop!"    

However, all of the Koi fishes were unsuccessful and fell back reluctantly into the water behind Zen.     

Meanwhile, whenever Zen felt that his strength slightly diminished, he would immediately mobilize dragon scales to refuel himself.     

The sight of Zen's unbelievable speed had the nature creatures on the shore stare at each other with agape mouths. 

    It was true that a strong cultivator on a high rank of the nature level was not necessarily slower than Zen. They could also do what Zen could do. However sometimes, courage was needed more than strength.   

They dared not dance in front of death, but Zen did.     

By now, Zen had passed smoothly through the first half of the jade path.   

At the second half however, some Koi
fishes that awaited him from a distance jumped up in advance.

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