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 Season 3

Episode 31

(The man eating koi fish (2)

Zen's speech left the crowd speechless, from those in the nature level to the experts of the Illuminating Soul Realm and made them wonder where this kid got the nerve to talk like that. Even in the face of terrifying dangers, Zen remained calm allowing him to analyze the situation and counter possible attacks on him.     

Such order was admirable and frightening at the same time.     

Although the members from the top seven noble clans were unhappy with this unexpected twist, scowling ungracefully, for now, they abandoned the original plan, since if they tried to kill Zen, they wouldn't stand a chance of surviving.     

That wasn't to say they'd accepted Zen as a teammate. It was all they could do to tolerate his presence, but, before dealing with Zen, they would have to check this place out.   

Between the outer and inner doors was an empty, yet huge square which they'd explored thoroughly.     

Behind the inner door things were vastly different.     

After going through the doorway, a path paved in jade crossing over a pond came into view.     

To an immortal in the Fairy Palace, it might be a pond, but, it was more like a huge lake to Zen.     

"A pill refining workshop!"    

"And a weapon refining workshop!"    

"Look! A scrolls pavilion!"    

Many of the greedy-eyed men screamed as they glanced around.    

 Smack dab in the center of the long path was a small pavilion as tall as a mountain. Branching out from the jade path were seven roads, each in a different direction, and leading to various refining workshops.   

Pills, weapons, just how many treasures were there?     

None of them could imagine.    

 There was only one certainty, and that was they had found a treasure trove of things that would benefit them greatly. 


One of the Illuminating Soul Realm experts exclaimed as he bolted like the wind in one direction.     

The Fairy Palace was fraught with so much danger that a tenuous coalition bound the top seven noble clans together, but, now that they saw the treasures laid out before them, their alliance instantly crumbled. Each greedy man knew whoever reached it first would have the upper hand.   

Avarice turned their heads. Several members of the top seven noble clans followed closely behind the first man.    

 But, after a few hundred feet down the jade path, something strange happened to the first man.     

Ripples spread across the surface of the pond before a red koi fish rose from the water.     

Koi fish weren't a rarity to the noble clans who had numerous koi fish in their courtyard lakes.    

 Common koi fish were five, six inches long, with some big ones reaching ten inches.     

However, the koi fish swimming below was gigantic and measured far more than one hundred feet long.    

 At first, the fish calmly stared at the lead man, its eyes bulging. Suddenly, the koi fish flipped its tail above the surface, and in the next moment, it leaped at the man.   

There were no weak men in the Illuminating Soul Realm, add to that, this man, in particular, was a master in the Illuminating Soul Realm with instinctively quick reflexes. He saw the shadow as it rose over his head and immediately looked up. All he saw though was something gigantic was rushing at him from above, and he summoned his life vitality in an attempt to dodge to one side.     

It was at that moment that the seemingly meek koi fish opened its mouth.     

Koi fish didn't usually have teeth, but this one had a mouth full of serrated teeth. It was a frightful scene watching the lovely koi fish transforming into such a hideous, creepy monster.     

After summoning his life vitality, he moved in a flash, making it impossible for the koi fish to bite him. When the fish missed, it rolled over on the path and plunged back into the water.   

Onlookers stood in their trackers, startled by the scene and visibly relaxed when the man dodged the koi's attack. 

The episode reminded them they needed to be on guard at the fairy palace.    

As the crowd collectively let out a sigh of relief, they heard splashing from every direction.    

 Looking around, the group saw dozens of koi fish leaping through the air.    

 The Illuminating Soul Realm master panicked for a moment, unsure of what he should do in this situation.     

"Fly!" shouted one of the many spectators, reminding him.     

When an initiate entered the Illuminating Soul Realm, that person would be gifted the knowledge of how to burn life vitality to soar in the air.     

Given the courage, the illuminating realm master could get away from the koi fish, except, he hadn't been in a struggle to survive ever and his mind went blank with panic, like most of the noble clan men present.   

It was only after being reminded that he remembered and with life vitality burning behind him, he shot straight up in the air.     
But, his actions were too late.    

 The dozens of koi fish slammed into him midair, and they all fell from the sky. He crashed into the path with those fish landing smack on top of him and blocking most of the road.     

All that could be heard were screams of pain from the man as those fish dropped down on him before diving back into the pond.    

 When the chaos ended, nothing remained on the path except blood. The man's body was gone.

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