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Season 3

Episode 3

(The demon holy fire (2)

The demon's holy fire was a technique only Aldrich could perform. Within the range of the demon fire, Aldrich's strength and speed would be immensely maximized.

But Spencer's warning came a little too late.

The demon core in the hands of the demon king suddenly burst into a black mist and immediately filled the surroundings.


Yolande tried to evade the mist, but it spread so fast that she was engulfed in it within seconds.

Zen was free falling to the ground when Yolande released him, but when he was about to hit the ground, the black mist enveloped him.

"Wait, what is this thing?"

Zen could feel the thickness of the mist as if he had sunk deep into a mire. There was nothing but darkness when he opened his eyes.

The black mist seemed to have devoured all the light.

Before Zen could adjust to the light, he suddenly felt a searing pain in his skin.

"What is this mist? It's slowly disintegrating my body!"

Zen's body was a spiritual weapon and it couldn't be destroyed by any normal weapon or even the three-corpse poison, which was the most fatal poison from the Eastern Region.

But the black mist was very different. It was like millions of small ants that could hardly be seen by the naked eye, gnawing on him bit by bit. Though his body had the strength of a spiritual weapon, the black mist could still bite his skin little by little.

What could he do about it?

If Zen could not find a way to deal with this, the mist would eventually nibble away his whole body and soon there would be nothing left of him.

But he was already at his wit's ends.

The demon king's technique was immensely powerful and there was no way to escape it. Aldrich was the strongest amongst the demon kings and even an Illuminating Soul Realm master like Spencer was no match for him. If the masters wanted to defeat the demon king, they needed to fight together. So how could Zen escape from the mist?

"I need to find a way to keep away from the mist since my corporeal body can't resist the effect of the black mist," Zen said to himself.

The mist was so thick that it took Zen tons of effort to move. Nevertheless, Zen had no other choice now. He had to move even at a slow pace in the dark just to get to the rim of the black mist.

As Zen endured the pain in his skin while braving through the mist, he heard fighting noises somewhere above his head.

"Bang! Bing! Bong!

He assumed that it was the sound of Yolande fighting back Aldrich's attacks.

Though Zen could not see exactly what was happening, he could sense that Yolande was in a difficult situation.

Before Aldrich had released the black mist, Yolande was already at the disadvantage. Now that the mist had surrounded everything, Yolande and Zen were in the worst situation.

Though the black mist had little effect on Yolande's strength, it was always the little gaps that would determine the success of an attack in the battle of the masters. And with the black mist enhancing Aldrich's power, Yolande must not put her guard down.


A loud sound echoed in the surroundings. It was followed by the sound of Yolande moaning out of pain. It seemed that she had suffered a great deal of damage from the attacks.

But he couldn't care about anything else than escaping from this mist and from Yolande.

Although Yolande was a beautiful and sensible woman, Zen could remember how she tortured him and that angered him a lot. He didn't care whether she lived or died.

Zen only hoped that he could get out of the hateful mist. Now that Yolande was fighting with Aldrich, it was the perfect time for Zen to escape.

He struggled through the mist but finally reached the edge of it where he glimpsed a light from the White Emperor City.

When he was about to step out from the black mist into the White Emperor City, he bumped himself onto an invisible barrier.

"What is this? An invisible enchantment?" Zen was surprised and didn't believe that after all his efforts, he would end up being still stuck inside the black mist.

"No! I must not stop! I must break through this enchantment and get out of here as soon as possible. I can't be involved in this battle of the masters."

Zen gritted his teeth and punched the invisible barrier out of frustration.


With the power of over one hundred dragon scales inside his body, Zen smashed the invisible barrier again. To his surprise, a small crack appeared on where he punched.

There was still hope. Zen was overwhelmed with joy. At least the barrier was not as tough as Yolande's enchantment where his punches didn't have any effect. The invisible barrier could be broken if he would continue to punch it with all his strength.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

After three consecutive punches, the barrier trembled like the ripples of the river.

The waves flashed and shook more fiercely, but then it stopped. The barrier was still intact despite the powerful punches Zen threw at it.

'This is not good. With my normal strength, I won't be able to break through this barrier. Maybe I could use the demonic life energy and see whether it could break it, ' Zen thought.

Zen clenched his fist and raised it above his head. The demonic life energy started to accumulate in his fist, and he concentrated it to devour the barrier. But to Zen's surprise, the demonic life energy didn't do much damage to the barrier.

It was the strangest thing that Zen had ever witnessed. He had used the demonic life energy often and it had never failed him. So why now?

It didn't work and it was strange.



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