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Season 3

Episode 26

(Interesting boy(1)

Yves stood stock-still in the smog when suddenly a peal of sharp laughter rang out of him. He sounded like a doxy. "Ah-hahah! Nobody has dared to speak to me in this manner since long ago. A young-ling just half-step into the nature level, saying this to me! Hilarious! If you don't tell me your name this instant, I will cut you a thousand times. I will carve out a thousand pieces of flesh from your body. Would you tell me then?"

The black fog rolled over Zen once again, and suddenly, he sensed a fierce killing aim at his back that would rush straight to his heart.

Zen's soul was exceptional. Some powerful men of the Illuminating Soul Realm could not be left standing as his opponent. Yves was just a nature creature. Zen discerned his opponent's position easily, perceiving from the killing aim that Yves was coming up with behind him.

Zen made a show of facing the front, as though confronting a formidable enemy there. He intentionally tried to trick Yves into thinking he had made a mistake as he prepared to strike his opponent once attacked from behind.


Zen felt the killing aim at his back grow even stronger. He figured that Yves was close at hand, so he waved the broken flying blade, showing Yves the back of his hand.


Zen felt the blade hit someone and assumed its razor-sharp edge had stabbed Yves.

In an instant, another person materialized in front of Zen. It was Yves!
"Ah-haha!" Appearing out of nowhere, Yves lifted his snake-shaped dagger to cut at Zen's chest before retreating into the black fog. He roared with laughter.

"You are only half a step into the nature level, but your reflexes have impressed me. You are competent, but... your strength is not enough! Just half a step into the nature level! Your understanding of the life vitality is not yet profound."

"You are only half a step into the nature level, but your reflexes have impressed me. You are competent, but... your strength is not enough! Just half a step into the nature level! Your understanding of the life vitality is not yet profound."

Zen stood shrouded in the black fog, his brows raised with worry.

It was strange. He had definitely sensed someone behind him, and his intuition told him that it had undoubtedly been Yves. Zen cut him with the broken flying blade, so how could he appear before him the very next moment?

What was going on?

But Yves didn't leave Zen much time to ponder over this question.

With Zen lost in thought, the black fog rolled again. "Ah-hah, you can't figure it out? Rest assured!

There have been many like you who couldn't unravel the mystery. They have already met the grim reaper!"

the sharp voice barked out. Zen felt the killing aim on his left.

'This time it's on my left?' As soon as the thought came to him, he diverted his attention. He waved the broken flying blade on his right in a fierce blow. 'It is on the right!'


Zen's blade hit Yves once again. However, when Zen pulled it back, he didn't see any fresh blood on the edge. He furrowed his brows, a sense of foreboding looming over him.

'I was wrong. It was at the back!'


Zen's back was cut sharply and he cried out. The snake-shaped dagger tore at his skin as hot blood welled up. Yves had struck him hard, and Zen's flesh was lacerated.

What the hell just happened?

Was this an illusion?

Zen had sensed the presence of a figure on his left, and then immediately thought that someone was on his right, and it should be just Yves!

How did the two of them disappear in the blink of an eye, while in the end, Yves attacked him from behind?

Bemused, Zen wondered if Yves was not one person but two or even three of them together!

But Yves had been alone when he walked over to Zen just now. From where did two more appear? What was strange was that the two of them were cut by Zen's blade, but seemingly nothing had happened to them. He heard no cries of agony or sounds of them falling to the ground.

"Ah-hhaha! Tell me your name, young-ling. If you tell me, I will make your death come a little faster. What's the point in suffering the pain of being cut a thousand times? You can imagine how you'll feel when my snake-shaped dagger slits into your flesh with every lash..."

Yves' voice rang in the air.

'There is something wrong, ' Zen thought to himself. It must be Yves alone. The seven noble clans had found out in their own ways that Zen was only half a step into the nature level. He was not even worth mentioning in their eyes, so why would they send several others to take him on?

There was only one person here, Yves. So the two people who appeared on his left and right just now...

Comprehension dawned on him in a flash, as if he was struck by lightning. "Don't brag," Zen sneered. "You really think you'll get the chance to cut me a thousand times?"

"Why won't I get the chance? You've already been cut by me twice... Only 998 slashes are left. I have plenty of time to play with you..." As Yves finished talking, the black fog rolled forward again. It appeared he would launch a third attack at Zen.

This time, Zen stood there blankly and waited for Yves to approach him.

Yves had a special plan of attack, and it always swung in his favor. This time, however, he had encountered Zen.

Zen's intuition sensed everything. He felt the same killing aim come from his left, front, as well as from the back.



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