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Season 3

Episode 24

(So huge(2)

"This is weird. Since members of the top seven noble clans have come here, it is impossible that the Valley would be guarded by only two people from the Yu Clan. Where are the other people? Does the Dragon Valley have another passage?" Zen frowned and looked around. At the same time, he walked around the valley.    

 At last, Zen discovered many footprints on the ground of the valley. He raised his head and looked ahead. There was no passage in front. All Zen saw was three bamboos growing along the valley wall.     It was strange that these footprints led to the three bamboos.     

Zen frowned and studied the three bamboos. The main root of each was as wide as the mouth of a bowl. 

Considering their size, these bamboos had been growing for many years. 

However, the bamboo in the middle was cut, and only half was left. When Zen observed the middle bamboo, he realized that it had been cut recently.   

Zen thought for a while and then reached out to touch the broken bamboo. 

 A frown appeared on Zen's face. After touching the bamboo, he discovered that the broken bamboo was a virtual shadow.   

"Magic array!"    

Zen realized that a magic array had been placed here. On further thought, Zen figured that he could enter the array by cutting the bamboo.     

The members of the Bamboo Leaf Sect had settled in the forest many years ago, and yet they had not discovered the array. Perhaps the entrance remained a secret as nobody had tried to cut the bamboo in the middle.   

 It became obvious to Zen that perhaps members of the top seven noble clans had cut the bamboo, started the magic array, and opened the entrance. 

  Zen prepared to enter the array. However, a thought stopped him. After a little hesitation, Zen pulled out a mask from the ring. He didn't fear members of the top seven noble clans, but he used the mask to avoid unnecessary trouble.

After he left C County, Zen realized the importance of family background.    

 It wasn't long ago that Zen had offended Chad. Ever since that incident, many members of the Zhuge Clan had made it their mission to target Zen. It could be imagined that Zhuge Clan would continue to bring him trouble from time to time.     

Using a mask would hence, avoid such incidents.    

 After wearing the mask, Zen followed the footprints into the array.     

Zen was not unfamiliar with magic arrays. When entering Cloud Sect, he had experienced the magic array on the Bloody Mountain.   

When he crossed the three bamboos, Zen felt that the sky and earth were spinning. When everything settled, the scene before his eyes was different.

 There seemed to be a weird space behind the mountain wall. Even though Zen had been prepared, he still felt stunned.     

"Where am I?"    

Before Zen's eyes stood a boundless forest. When seeing from a distance, he couldn't notice the difference. However, when he moved closer, every tree in the forest was over a hundred times bigger than that he had seen.     

Even the grass in the forest grew to abnormal heights. The grass towered over Zen as though it were trees. Zen stood under their stumps and felt as tiny as an ant. Standing on the stump, Zen noticed that it extended dozens of feet in both directions. He couldn't see the whole tree!   

"Is this really a magic array?" Zen had doubts. If this were not a magic array, where was he? Where in the world would one find such huge plants?     

No matter where it was, Zen was sure that he was no longer in the Eastern Region.     

What surprised Zen more was that there was a huge pink enchanted barrier in the sky, which covered a range of a hundred miles. This enchanted barrier was probably thousands of feet high and hundreds of miles long. Zen wondered what level of power a person must have to be able to make such a considerable sized enchanted barrier.     

The edge of the pink enchanted barrier closest to Zen was behind the entrance.     
Zen approached the pink enchanted barrier slowly. As he neared, Zen felt it emit terrifying energy.     

"The energy of the Emerald Crystal claims to be able to break any enchanted barrier. Will it be effective against this pink one?" Zen was curious.   

Since Zen felt that the energy spreading from the pink enchanted barrier was extremely dangerous., he stayed at a safe distance from the enchantment. 

Then he released the energy of the Emerald Crystal on his arm, which extended to the enchantment cautiously.     

When the energy of the Emerald Crystal touched the pink enchantment, a tiny bolt of lightning shot out from the enchantment.     


The lightning swallowed the energy of the Emerald Crystal in an instant.     

The tiny lightning looked ordinary, but it still frightened Zen as he could see that he would die if hit by the lightning. In fact, his whole body would be consumed by the lightning, and there would be nothing left to bury!   

Zen gulped at the thought. Till now, he hadn't come across a person who could overwhelm him to this extent.     

Besides, the pink enchantment wasn't alive. Despite the fact that it spread over a great distance, the enchantment still maintained a lot of power. Zen wondered if a legendary celestial being had made the enchanted barrier.    

 Zen wanted to try his demonic life energy at the beginning, but now he decided against the thought. It appeared that the enchantment wouldn't attack people. And so he chose not to provoke it. After all, if the lightning did strike him, Zen would suffer a painful death.     

As Zen prepared to leave the edge of the enchantment, a creature appeared from outside the enchantment.     

It was a tiger. A white tiger!     

Had it been an ordinary tiger, Zen wouldn't be afraid. Not even if there had been thousands of them. But this white tiger was different.   

This tiger was hundreds of feet tall.
Standing before it, Zen felt as tiny as an ant.


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