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 Season 3

Episode 22

(Dragon valley (2)

Meanwhile, Zen observed them for a few seconds and then went back to his food again. They spoke in such deafening volumes that everyone in the restaurant clearly heard their conversations.     

The sound of the metal utensils clinking against plates mixed with their cacophonous voices. "Brother, are we really not going back to Dragon Valley?" asked a man among them.    

 The group's leader raised an eyebrow at the question. "Go back to Dragon Valley? You're just dreaming!    

 Do you even know who they are? Let me tell you, they are from top seven noble clans! No matter which one you provoke, they can even destroy our Bamboo Leaf Sect with a single finger!" he said with a wide-eyed expression. The rest of them just shook their heads at this fact.   

"Alas! It's unfair! Our Sect has been staying at Dragon Valley for so many years, but now we have to leave because it was occupied by some powerful group! What a shame!" the man who sat beside their leader angrily exclaimed. It was true, and once again the rest of them nodded in agreement.    

 "Since we have no choice, we have to leave. Even though a strong dragon finds it hard to control a local snake in its place, our Sect is not even a local snake in their eyes! And who are they? They are even more powerful than strong dragons," their leader continued.    

 He spoke the words with such exaggeration, as if he couldn't find a better metaphor.    

 They continued to eat their food as they talked more about their current topic.   

  "Fortunately, they are generous. With those cubic crystals they gave us, we don't have to worry about our future life. 

Let's find some girls and have fun in the brothel tonight!" another one of them piped up. When one of them started talking about fun and brothels, the rest of their words drowned in Zen's ears.  

 He raised an eyebrow when he heard them talk about Dragon Valley.     

The name was not unfamiliar to him, because he had seen it before on a book page when he had previously read the Weapon Refining Principle. There were two place names on that page--Cloudy Mountain and Dragon Valley.     

They were not well-known places, so Zen was not that familiar with them. Besides, he had been busy with preparing the mission of the trial for slaying demons, therefore, he hadn't paid much attention to those two places at that time. But now, since he heard the name again, he carefully began to listen to the conversation of the group.     

From what he could hear, Zen could tell that these guys came from a Sect named "Bamboo Leaf Sect", but they looked more like a gang of scoundrels. 

Since they said that they had been staying in Dragon Valley for years, then Dragon Valley must be their former base.   

Now, they had been driven out from Dragon Valley by the top seven noble clans. To compromise for their loss, the noble clans had given them several cubic crystals.     

A slight smile formed on Zen's lips. Since the Weapon Refining Principle could be sold at such a high price, there must be an amazing secret in it. Zen possessed the book, so he had every reason to know about this secret.     

As soon as Zen finished his meal, he put down his chopsticks and walked towards the group of rambunctious guys.     

"Dear friend, can I ask you something?" Zen asked with a smile.     

The group leader felt a hand tap his shoulder and turned around. "What is it?" he asked in surprise, his eyes wide like brass bells.    

 "Can you tell me where's the place named Dragon Valley?" Zen asked.   

Their table went silent for a few seconds.     

Then, they all snorted. They looked like common civilians when they were in the county, but in the mountain, they were a gang of bandits who lived on robbery. It was only natural that they were reluctant to talk to an average person.    

 Besides, Zen looked so young, like an inexperienced teenager. The man shook his head and impatiently shouted, "Go away! Where is Dragon Valley? It's none of your business!"    

However, Zen wasn't annoyed and instead, continued to ask, "It's in Cloudy Mountain, right?"   

 He briefly remembered that the Dragon Valley was located in the Cloudy Mountain.     

At this point, the leader of the noisy group was irritated. His brows knitted and his eyes bulged in anger.     

"Are you deaf? Whether it's in the Cloudy Mountain or not, it's none of your business! Young man, don't blame me if you don't go away!" he shouted.   

Young man, don't blame me if you don't go away!" he shouted.     

Upon hearing those words, Zen narrowed his eyes into slits. The people on the table immediately felt an overwhelming wind-like shockwave roll out of him. 

    They were not average people and all of them had killed many others at some point. However, they had just reached the level of skin refining or flesh refining, and could only be taken as the junior martial art practitioners. Thus, it was impossible for them to bear Zen's attacks if he did.  

   The impact of the shockwave turned the faces of the noisy men from Bamboo Leaf Sect pale and green, and they couldn't help but fearfully grit their teeth and scream.     

The green pallor of their skin didn't fade until Zen retracted the shockwave back. However, their faces still looked drained of color. They now realized that the young man in front of them was not a person to be trifled with.   

After a while, Zen slightly touched his finger and procured a cubic crystal from his space ring. Then, he threw it on the table and ordered, "Tell me where the Dragon Valley of Cloudy Mountain is now!"    

The group leader nervously glanced at the cubic crystal on the table and knew that he had no choice but to accept it, and tell Zen the address of Dragon Valley.     

Small beads of sweat had formed on his temples before he spoke carefully. 

"Cloudy Mountain…is not big. In fact, it's rather small. You may reach it after getting out the north gate of G County and walking about 20 miles along the national road. Dragon Valley is located on the side of Cloudy Mountain. You'll see a bamboo forest when you climb up Cloudy Mountain. After bypassing the bamboo forest, you'll find a deep pool. 

Behind it, is Dragon Valley," he finished. After all, Dragon Valley was their former base, so the leader told Zen about its location quickly even when he was extremely nervous.   

After that, Zen patted him jovially on the shoulder and said, "Good job! This cubic crystal belongs to you now!"    

He then paid for his meal and walked downstairs. He decided that he must pay a visit to Dragon Valley.    

 As soon as Zen left, the noisy group's leader slumped on his chair. All his courage went down the drain now. "These assholes!" he cursed.    

 Another disciple of the Bamboo Leaf Sect who stood beside him couldn't agree more. "He's not only incredible in power, but also in generosity. I didn't expect that we'd get another cubic crystal so easily!"

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