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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

 Episode 44

Roland’s POV cont’d 

‘You should know what I feel for you your highness’.She moved closer and I took a quick step back.

‘I don’t know what…what you’re talking about’.I stuttered and she stopped coming close.

‘You know but you just won’t accept it!! What kind of a man doesn’t touch a woman when she’s standing stark naked in front of him?!’.She said aloud.

‘A man who doesn’t want to take advantage of her’.I replied and she scoffed.

‘I want you to take advantage of me!! I want you to use me whatever way possible don’t you even get that?? I want you deep inside me!’.She kissed me and reached for my shaft but I quickly pushed her away.

‘Mena please don’t ruin this between us’.I said and wiped my lips.

‘Why don’t you want me? Why don’t you love me?’.She asked with tears in her eyes.

‘I love someone else Mena,I love someone else’.

‘You can’t even remember her!!’.She screamed.

‘But I love her!! It might sound crazy but I love her more than you can imagine!!’.I fired back and then walked away angrily.

She just doesn’t understand.

No one understands what I feel for the woman in my dreams.

No one understands and until I remember what she looks like and who she is,I know she’s out there waiting for me and I will keep being faithful to her.

Alondria’s POV 

‘I’m telling you Clara,there is something very familiar about him’.I sighed deeply as Clara helped me brush out the tangles in my hair.

‘Maybe you thought of him as someone else,it doesn’t mean you know him??’.She responded and I flinched a little when she brushed out a complicated tangle.

‘When is all this going to end? All i wanted was to marry Roland and live happily ever after in our kingdom but he…I just wish I could turn the hands of time to never meeting Edward’.A tear escaped it’s duct and I quickly brushed it off.

‘It’s all going to be over soon Alondria,you will see his Highness again I promise you and you would both live in your happy castle with beautiful children’.She muttered and I nodded.

‘I want to see him again.I want to see the masked Hunter again’.

‘Are you sure about this?’.

‘Yes I’m sure, I have to see him again’.



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