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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

 Episode 43

Alondria’s POV 

There was something oddly strange about the masked Hunter who shot me but I ignored it and still pointed the arrow at him.

I came into the woods to meet with Gregory who had a plan to help my father so he won’t get killed, I would’ve gotten back to the haven safely if this hunter didn’t shoot my leg.

‘You’re bleeding,come with me and I can help you’.He offered again and there was something so calm and patient in his voice.

It was so intriguing that I almost wanted to go with him but thankfully,I snapped out of his spell.

‘Turn around’.I told him.


‘I said turn around!!’.My voice grew louder and he did turn around.

I quickly tore off a part of my dress and then tied it around the wounded part,when I was finished he turned back and his eyes almost reminded me of someone.

‘We never met and we never did see each other understood??’.

‘Yes ma’am’.He replied and I quickly ran away with my limping left leg.

Minutes later 
‘Are you okay your highness??’.Mara asked as she helped me onto the bed and placed my legs gently.

‘A stupid Hunter shot my leg with an arrow’.I groaned as she put some salve on it.

‘How did the meeting go with Lord Gregory??’.She asked and I sighed deeply.

‘The snake bandits are going to help and protect my father, they won’t let Edward and his witch of a sister take over Astreya’.

She nodded and helped in treating my wound but my mind drifted to the thought of that hunter.

why do I feel like I know him??

Roland’s POV 

The Next Morning 
I woke up and then a smile spread across my face as I recalled the masked woman I ran into last night.

She’s the first woman I have ever met to pull arrow out of her leg and act like it’s nothing.

There was something so fresh and warming about her but yet so dangerous and strong.

Who is she and why do her eyes look so beautiful??.

Why does she remind me of someone so much?.

‘Someone’s in a happy mood’.Mena walked into the room with freshly baked corn bread and sugar pudding for a change this time.

‘I met someone last night Mena’.

‘You what?!’.

‘Yes I want outside the gate and I apologized but I met someo—

‘You never leave the gate Roland!! That’s the point! You never leave the gate!!’.She yelled and walked away angrily.

What did I even do wrong??.

‘Mena are you angry cause I just wanted to catch some wild turkey??’.I ran after her and she stopped.

‘I don’t care if you go hunting,I care if you get hurt and I…I don’t want to lose you all over again’.She started crying which came as a surprise and I hugged her.

‘You won’t lose me Mena and—

‘I don’t want to lose you to another woman Roland’.

‘Wait what?!’.




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