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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 42

Alondria’s POV

‘We have some news to give to you Alondria’.Clara muttered as she walked in on me folding my clothes.

‘What is it??’.I asked and she sighed deeply.

‘Nana…Nana rose is dead’.She dropped the bombshell and all I could feel is my life flashing before my own eyes.


No it can’t be.

‘Please tell me this is a joke Clara,please tell me this is a joke’.Tears immediately streamed down my cheeks and she shook her head.

‘I wish I could say it was a joke,I wish I could save you from you pain,I wish I could take it all away but it’s not a joke Alondria……She was beheaded last night by Queen Reana and her brother Prince Edward’.She said and my eyes almost popped out of it’s sockets when I grasped what she said.

‘Sorry did you just say Edward?! Edward is behind this?!’.

‘Yes,he has joined forces with Arilea and inside sources say he’s planning on attacking your father’.She replied and I gasped loudly.

I knew it!!.

I should have never trusted him with any of this!!.

I should have never trusted him anything!.

’What…what do we do?’.

‘We have to wait until Lord Gregory comes’.

‘I heard Roland is alive,please where is he?’.I asked as the tears kept flooding down.

‘I heard too but no one knows where he is your highness,it might just be a rumor who knows??’.She shrugged and left.

Edward is going to pay!!.

They are all going to pay!!.

Roland’s POV 

At Night 
I snuck out of the valley gate and found myself in the woods with a bow and arrow,ready to kill some game to eat.

The cooks always give me oats and bread to eat with Jam and it always taste like garbage but I usually don’t say anything.

I quickly put on a hooded mask so no one would recognize me and advanced further until I got to the center of the woods.

I don’t know how I know how to track game in the woods or even hold a bow but I guess it’s part of the memory I’m missing.

Alfredo says I’m a king so I guess I must know a lot of combat.

I quickly spotted a wild Turkey from afar and then took one arrow from my holster,pointed it at the turkey but somehow my gaze shifted and I shot a person instead.

She howled in pain.

‘I am so sorry my lady!’.I quickly rushed over and she took the arrow out of her leg and pointed the stained end at me.

Did she just do that?.

‘Do not come any closer!!’.She yelled and I also noticed she had a mask on.

‘You are injured and I can help you’.I offered but she was still adamant.

‘I swear on my dead baby’s life that I would stab you with this and my grip is pretty good!!’.She yelled and then I noticed something.

She had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

It looked vaguely familiar.



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