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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 39

Roland’s POV 

I chortled loudly as Mena danced around with some of the soldiers who were enjoying the entertainment.

She pulled me into the circle and they all clapped as we tapped danced around all of them.

‘He can shoot an arrow and now he can tap dance, charm me more your highness’.She said and my cheeks flushed at the compliment.

Another memory flashed in my head of me dancing the same way with a much younger version of myself and he was also laughing the same way.

Who is he??.

‘Uhhh Me…Mena I’m tired’.I gasped for breath and she helped me into my room and then onto my bed.

‘Are you okay now??’.She asked as she sat down next to me.

‘Am I the only child?? Of my parents at least?’.i asked.

‘No your highness.You have a brother whose name is Prince Reynold but he is dead’.She replied and somehow I felt dark inside.

I have a brother and I don’t remember anything about him??.

Why is this happening to me now??.

‘What of my—

‘King Orlando died a long time before you ascended the throne and I don’t know anything about your mother’.She pursed her lips and i sighed deeply.

What about the woman in my dreams??.

Why do I feel like I know her so much and that I was in love with her??.

Why does my heart still ache for her even though I can’t see her face or even know who she is??.

‘Why can’t…why can’t I go back Mena??’.

‘You are not in the right state of mind to return back your highness,the wicked tyrant queen might kill you if she finds out that you’re still alive’.She said and I nodded.

‘Thank you Mena’.

’There is another way you can thank me though’.

‘How??’.I asked and right in front of me she took off all her clothes.

Edward’s POV 

The Next Morning 
‘She still wouldn’t talk and the snake bandits are nowhere to be found your highness’.The Garrison leader said and I clenched my fists.

‘It’s been two days Liam!! Two freaking days and she hasn’t been found?! She is a woman for bloodsakes so how far could she have gone?!’.I screamed but he kept silent in response.

‘Get out of my sight!’.I dismissed him and he walked away.

‘You have a visitor my Lord’.A maid announced as she came in.

‘Who is it??’.

‘A messenger from Arilea’.She replied and my brows furrowed deeply.

A messenger from Arilea??..

What could possibly be the problem??.

‘You have a message for me from my sister I see??’.I muttered as I approached Meredith who Alondria has so spitefully spoken off countless times.

‘The queen wants to make a truce with you,she wants to meet you’.She replied and I pursed my lips.

What Alondria did to me was beyond despicable and for that I have to teach her a lesson.

Even if it means being an ally to my sister.




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