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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

Episode 38

Edward’s POV 

‘She is no where to be found sir Edward’.My special aide reported and I groaned.

‘You have one last chance Miriam.Where is the princess?!’.I yelled at the top of my voice at Miriam who was in the dungeon.

‘Even if there is a axe above my head I will never tell you where she is.You don’t know anything about oaths do you sir Edward’.She spat next to me and I slapped her hard across the face.

‘Tell me where she is and you shall live Miriam!!’.

‘Even if I die it’s for a good cause!! When she returns you will be so screwed sir Edward’.She started to laugh hysterically and fear gripped me.

Where are you Alondria?!!.

Where are you?!.

‘Sir Edward the king wants to see you’.One of the gaurds announced and I walked out of the dirty cell.

Ever since his daughter went missing he developed a heart attack and instantly became bed-ridden.

I gulped hard as i walked into his room and knelt next to him.

He looked so helpless.

‘Have you found her??’.He asked in a strained voice.

‘No your highness’.I replied in a whisper.

‘What did you do to her Edward,what did you do??’.He asked with his firm grip on my hand threw me into an instant mode of panic.

Alondria’s POV cont’d 

‘ can you be alive?? I buried you Mara!!’.I cried out as I rushed over to hug Mara who wasn’t obviously a ghost.

‘Why don’t we get you changed instead?? And then we can talk’.She replied warmly and I glanced around.


‘Yes your highness.Welcome to the Silver mountains—the resting and healing ground of the royal maids’.She said as we went into the cave which was only an entrance to the most beautiful valley I have ever seen.

How come no one knows of this??!.

‘Clara?!! Moira?! You’re all alive?! How is this possible?!’.I cried out as I found all of them waiting in their beautiful white gowns.

‘We never died Alondria,we were only badly injured and thanks to the King’s gaurds we escaped…Marco helped us escape Alondria and he switched our bodies with wrapped animal flesh and wool’.She explained.

The tears couldn’t just stop flowing.

The tears gushed out of my eyes endlessly as they all circled around me.

‘You…You could’ve sent me a message..I…I could’ve helped you all’.I whimpered and they all hugged me.

‘We were waiting for the right time and when he told us what you were facing we had no choice but to bring you in…You are our hope of a better tomorrow in the seven kingdoms Alondria,only you can stop the war to come’.Clara said and I kissed her forehead.

They were all with one injury or the other and the Mara herself had only an eye.

‘We shall get justice for what we suffered in the hands of Arilea nobles and all the slave keepers of the seven kingdoms!! We shall suffer no more!!’.I chanted and they all raised their hands.

‘We shall suffer no more!!’.




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