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Season 2

(The rise of Alondria)

 Episode 37

Meredith’s POV 

I heard Queen Reana call my name and rolled my eyes as I walked into the room only to see her pacing about angrily.

What is it this time??’.

‘Meredith she played me!! She played me again Meredith!!’.She screamed and threw her goblet across the wall and I released a short sigh.

‘Who played her ro—

‘Alondria of course!!! That stupid slave princess played me again and I am pretty sure Edward isn’t getting married to her!! I so badly want to put her head on a stake!’.She cut me off and I pursed my lips.

I so badly want to put your head on a stake Princess Reana.

But I guess you don’t know that cause you think you’re all so high and mighty.

When I finally bear a child for the prince I will take my rightful place by his side and you will be my servant instead.

‘Meredith send a message across to my brother,I want to speak with him’.She muttered and I nodded.

‘Okay my queen,shall I take my leave now??’.I asked and she dismissed me with the wave of a hand but before I could reach halfway she called me back.

‘By any way do you know how my husband found out about the baby??’.

‘What?! How did he find out your highness?!’.I feigned shock even though I was the one who told him.

‘Summon all the maids that were present that day and get me whip’.

Minutes later 
Five royal maids were on their knees and their hands were tied behind their backs while their eyes were all puffy from crying.

‘Now let me ask this question again…Who told the prince about my abortion’.I asked and when they all cried instead of answering I whipped their bare backs without remorse.

Blood splattered all over the ground and I smiled seeing them groan in pain especially the blonde and beautiful one that clearly reminded me of Alondria.

‘I did it!! I did it your highness’.She rose to her feet.

‘Why are you saying the truth all of a sudden? I’m curious to know’.

‘Just let them go okay?! There is no justification for them being punished like this and if I have to die in their place then so be it!’.She replied and I smiled.

‘Well then,gather the villagers around.There’s going to an execution today’.

Alondria’s POV 

‘Ya!!’.I throttled my horse and headed for Silver mountains where Marco said I would find refuge and wouldn’t get caught.

God bless his soul for being onboard with the plan and not ratting me out.

If only father wasn’t under his control I would’ve gotten Edward’s head on a spike by now.

‘Who are you?!!’.I heard a lady holler at me.

‘I am Princess Alondria,Marco told me to come here’.I replied and when the lady came out from the cave I gasped.

No it can’t be!!.

It just can’t be!!.

It’s been so long and this just isn’t possible for her to be alive!!.





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