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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 18


🥀Manuel’s pov🥀

“The informant has returned and we have his reports with us” My best friend – Castro said walking into the room.

I looked up from the book I was reading and fixated my eyes on the paper he was holding.

He stretched it out to me and I took it from him pondering on whether the information would be useful.

I read through the written content and smiled.

It contains the record of things King Lee would be doing this week.

Places he would be going to thereby leaving the castle and the time he will be going.

“The weapons are ready too and the seller gave us discounts since we would be fighting King Lee. That man’s enemies are numerous” He stated sitting on a couch.

I took up the lit cigarette and inhaled from it. The smoke came out from my nostrils and filled the air.

“He knows there are too many enemies that would do anything to have him dead but he doesn’t care. King Lee is a psychopath!” I sneered and Castro nodded.

“But then Manuel…Dallen was like a brother to me. In fact, if I was in your shoes…I’ll do anything to avenge his death.

“I just want to confirm if you’re ready for this because once we push through with the plans…there’s no going back” He paused staring at me with beady eyes.

I bit my lower lip scrunitizing over what just came out of his lips.

“I am not a coward Castro. I’m not afraid of anything. We’re pushing through with the plans” I said in a flaccid tone.

No way…

My brother’s death must be avenged.

🥀King Lee’s pov🥀

My eyes dimmed as her words resounded in my mind.

I scoffed and stared down at the game board.

“Who told you?” I asked with a hysterical laugh.

She kept mute and I’m forced to glance at her.

Her lips were shaking and she slowly looked down.

“I just overheard it during the banquet…And I heard it again last night” She said with a shaky voice.

I squinted my eyes still gazing at her.

“Its not a good idea to lie to someone like me, Anna. I do hurt people even when I don’t wish to” I stated calmy rolling the dice on the board.

The silence crept in again and she hesitated before I heard her voice again;

“I was going to the bedroom last night when someone from Muzana came to me and told me your soldiers are still there and I should find out what your intentions are. I’m sorry, your highness” She took a pause and began rubbing her hands nervously.

🥀Dawn’s pov🥀

“Who’s the person?” He asked coldly and I went numb.

I can’t expose sir Blade. I’ll get exposed too.

Its going to be difficult but I’ll have to lie to King Lee about this.

“I have never seen the person in my entire life” I replied feebly.

“Your father knows better than to send someone here to pass a message” He muttered and looked away.

“Who the h’ll have the guts to intrude into your room while I’m around?” He asked quizzically.

I gulped and unfolded my sweaty palms that I had been rubbing.

“Please, your highness…you’re scaring my people. Can you please tell the soldiers to return home?” I quivered.

He nodded and resumed back to the game.

Who am I kidding?? He’s not going to call the soldiers back home.

I tried to be cheerful as I spent the rest of the day with crazy King Lee. He played an annoying prank on me and believe me, he was the only one laughing.

It made me think over somethings…

Was he this open and friendly to Alicia and Simone when they first came here?

Could he be playing with my emotions?? What on earth did he see in me that made him this close and free with me?

Could it be, he has met Princess Anna before?? Were they once friends…cause I’m starting to get worried of this closeness.

And I wonder what princess Anna was like…






Caroline offered to apply some makeup on my face but I firmly declined because of King Lee.

I woke up tired and exhausted from yesterday’s drama with him.

As much as I wanted to heal King Lee’s dog…I also have to protect my powers from him.

Who knows?

Maybe he was testing me to see if his dog would instantly get healed.

Oh Geez!

I got off the bed and quickly cleaned myself for the day.

We were going to have breakfast together again.

Alicia and Simone – those two annoying women.

I overheard the maids talking about how Simone is too confident that she would deliver a son for King Lee.

How pathetic.

She doesn’t know broadcasting such things might lead to a big disappointment.

Well…I sincerely wish her luck though.

I got dressed in a pink gown and truth be told, I hate princess Anna’s dresses.

Like…all she has are dresses!

No skirt or shirt at all…


I walked through the hallway on my way to the dinning when a maid showed up. She was struggling with two trays.

Oh Gosh!

I had to help her.

I took one of the filled up trays from her and it turns out…she was bringing the food to the dinning room.

“Where are the other maids? Couldn’t they help?” I asked with a grimace.

I mean…its not fair they left everything for her to do.

“They’re busy with other chores, thank you my princess” She stated with a smile.


The maid and i walked into the dinning room and met the duo already seated at the table.

“Finally!” Simone bemoaned as the maid dropped her plate in front of her.

I chuckled and took my seat.

As the breakfast went on…I couldn’t help but notice Alicia’s eyes were fixed on Simone as she ate her food.

What’s wrong with this lady?

I decided to ignore her and focus on the sumptuous meal before me.






“Aargh!!” Simone suddenly yelled and held onto her big tummy.

I flinched and rushed to help her.

“Oh my God!!! It hurts…” She cried out loud.

“What hurts? Just calm down, alright? take a deep breath” I stammered assisting her the only way I can.

Alicia stood up and approached us slowly.

“Just breath…” I cooed breathing onto Simone’s face.

It did no good as she increased her screams and it seemed as though she was in labor.

Everyone became alerted and the royal doctor was called.

The pains attacked her immediately she finished eating.

So weird…

🥀King Lee’s pov🥀

I was at my study room drinking and also waiting for results on Simone.

I was told she was having pains.

I gave no damn about her…as long as nothing happens to my baby.

The door opened and the doctor walked in accompanied with my personal guards.

“So…what’s wrong with her?” I asked drinking from the cup.

“She took an abortion pill…but then, it came from the food she just ate. One of the maid told me she knows who poured the abortion pills on her food” He said and I raised my brows.


“Princess Anna” He replied shaking his head.





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