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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Simone’s pov👑

The atmosphere turned upside down right in front of me.

Why would he ask me such a question??

I shouldn’t ask…

He is a psychopath.

I couldn’t utter a word but just lowered my head in disdain.

He cracked and I glanced at him.

“I’m kidding.

You don’t need to be scared, Simone.

Now, what do you really want before I cut the hairs off your head completely?” He asked squinting his eyes.

I gulped and rubbed my hands together;

“The doctor told me that there’s 100% chances that I would be going into labor next week. So…we should be on alert and get things prepared before then so the delivery would be successful”.

“That’s part of his job and has nothing to do with me” He deary remarked.

“But…at least, you should make out time and be there with me on that day. I don’t think I can give birth to this child without you, your highness”.

“Simone! I don’t have time for this cr*p. Call one of the guards on your way out,

I’m tired and need silence right now” He bickered glaring at me.

“Don’t throw me out King Lee…I’ll remain here and watch you sleep” I cooed holding his hand.

“Simone” He called quietly.

“If you spend another minute in this room, I’ll beat you till you go into labor”.

I was awestruck gazing at his dark eyes.

I scrunitized over his words as i painstakingly withdrew my hands from his body.

I stood up from the bed and left the room walking as numb as possible.

Manuel’s pov🖤

“Euphoris is so beautiful” Castro stated as we strolled along the rowdy market.

“It won’t be so pretty when kingdoms upon kingdoms struggle to take possession of it after the death of the almighty King Lee” I remarked with a scoff.

He chuckled and continued eating the chocolate bar he was with.

The plan to eliminate the King hasn’t yet pushed through cause we are still calculating his schedules.

Written by Eunice Nwodu

“What’s your plan after this?” He asked grinning.

“I would sell the whole kingdom of Euphoris to the king that bids the highest and then…we would both become legends for killing King Lee” I sneered.

“You would sell the kingdom??

I thought all this was a revenge against the person that killed your brother.

I didn’t know you also want to use it to make more money”

Castro’s phone rang interrupting him and he forced it out from his pocket quickly.

“The spies are already on their way back to the hideout and they were able to gather all the information needed” He read out.

“Thats good.

We need to head back.

The more time we spend here,

The more money we waste”.

We turned around and walked back to where the car was parked.



We arrived at the spot and I headed for the driver’s seat. To my greatest shock, the door was open already.

I gawped at Castro and he shrugged.

“Maybe, I forgot to lock the door” He said looking puzzled.

I sighed and hopped into the car alongside Castro. I was about to turn on the ignition when I noticed someone behind us – at the backseat.

I turned and saw her licking a lollipop.

How on earth did she get into the car without making use of the keys???

“Who the f***k are you?” Castro asked astound as I was.

She chuckled and glanced at me.

“I’m Kalani and I want to help you defeat King Lee” She said with a grin.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about, crazy lady–”

“There’s a special technique that can be used to ruin a mentally disturbed person like King Lee and that is – illusion” She interpolated.

Castro and I exchanged glances.

“How did you know about us?” I asked suspiciously.

“That doesn’t matter…Killing King Lee is what matters right now, Manuel and Castro” She chuckled.

Our mouths were left hanging.

She knew our names as well…

“So, Mr Manuel…weren’t we on our way to your hideout?? Let’s get moving already” she snickered and crossed her legs.

I stared at her for a while before turning on the ignition and speeding off.







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