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(He’s a psychopath

But still mine)


Dawn’s pov👑

She sat on the bed staring at me with a facial expression.

She’s so beautiful and looks younger in person – she has King Lee’s eyes too.

I took a step further scouring the room with my eyes. It looked tidy and homely.

There was a flat screen TV on the wall and other humane appliances.

What the heck??

But she’s in chains…

“Good morning…your highness” I greeted with a slight bow.

Her dark eyes gazed at me fervently like she loathed me. She didn’t look happy one bit and her face was yet to change.

“Who are you?” She asked for the first time and with much audacity.

“I’m princess Anna, King Lee’s third bride” I replied with a bow.

“So…you are his third slave?” She asked rhetorically and scoffed.

What does she mean by that?

“Everyone tells me you are dead but here you are…alive and well” I faciled.

She smiled and sighed.

“I should remain dead to you because a prisoner who doesn’t have a ray of hope to be free is as good as dead” She professed.

A prisoner…

I ran to her and knelt in front of her holding her cold hands.

Her eyes darted to me.

All I saw was emptiness and coldness in her eyes.

“Who would do such a thing to you, my queen? Does King Lee know?

He’ll destroy that person before the blink of an eye, I promise you, your highness” I wavered tearing up.

“You don’t tell a deaf man that a war just broke out” She stated and I grew confused.

What on earth does she mean???

“Don’t tell the king a thing if you value your life my dear.

Go now because the maid would be coming soon to take the plates.

DON’T come back”

She warned willfully and I nodded sheepishly.

She helped me get back on my feet and I was surprised the chains were long enough and she’d be able to go around the room.

Oh goodness!

She held the phone box and gazed at it for a while. She replaced her weak face with a smile giving the box to me.

“You can have it, my queen” I stuttered and she chuckled.

“I don’t need it…Go now” She bid and I took the box from her.

I hugged her briefly before running out of the room. I jammed the door,, locked it up and returned the key where I found it.




Simone’s pov👑

I heard the news that King Lee has returned and I didn’t waste time In going to his chambers.

I’m dying to know where he has been with Anna and I’ll make sure to squeeze the truth out the moment I see her.

The maids and i arrived at the doors to meet those disgusting and heartless guards.

I hate them with passion.

They’re always stubborn to letting us see the king.

“I demand to see King Lee” I said placing a hand on my baby bump.

“Its urgent” I added and they exchanged glances.

They opened the door a bit and I walked in gracefully. The same way I’d walk when I finally give birth.

King Lee was lying on the bed closed up with the thick duvet.

“Anna….” He muttered with his eyes shut.

Hold on, does he know am here??

I moved nearer to him and sat beside him on the bed.

His eyes flickered open and he blinked.

“What’s wrong?” He asked with the coldest voice.


Just a second ago, he thought I was Anna – that girl’s quite strange.

What’s she doing to our king? She’s not even been here for up to a month.

“You left your son and I here for days without even calling or texting…” I mumbled touching him.

He smiled and shut his eyes again.

“Since you two are not dead, why do you even bother?” He asked with a laugh.

I pouted my lips and he sat up on the bed staring at me.

He folded his arms and smiled again.

Yeish – this crazy smile of his.

“What should I do to you if you don’t give me a son??” He asked and my heart sank.








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