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 πŸ‘‘πŸ–€THE KING AND IπŸ–€πŸ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 8



πŸ₯€ Alicia’s povπŸ₯€

The room was filled with maids attending to Xenia’s needs.

A direct order from the king…

I’m glad her head had been bounded by the doctor. He got here as early as possible.

“We’re done, your highness” Esme said walking Xenia to where I was – on a lounge chair.

“Oh! You look beautiful dear” I cooed taking Xenia’s hand.

She was in a pink dress and her blonde hair was fixed into a ponytail with a tiara on it. So princess like…

“Thank you Mom” she muttered and sat beside me.

“How’s your head now?” I asked rubbing her small fingers.

“I’m fine mom” she replied wryly.

“And I’m about to have breakfast now” she added standing up.

I chuckled and held her hand before turning to the maids that occupied the room.

“You can all leave except Esme” I stated and the room was left silent as they began leaving.

Esme saw to it that we were both alone.

“Your dance class comes after breakfast and then you’d learn music.

“Don’t forget about the banquet your dad’s organizing. I have a little assignment for you to do” I said with a whisper…

“Assignment?” She asked staring at me with beady eyes.

I nodded and reached for the box next to the shelf. The box was wooden and the key was at the entrance.

I unlocked the box and showed her what was inside and a loud gasp left her lips.

“Scorpion!” She shouted but restrained her.

“Be quiet! You’ll put this in princess Anna’s dress during the banquet this evening, alright?!!”

She nodded feebly staring at the poisonous deadly scorpion in the box.

I quickly closed it so it doesn’t escape.

One way or the other, I must win this battle.

πŸ₯€ Dawn’s povπŸ₯€

I stirred up from the bed feeling so much better and stronger.

Oh my God!

I thought I was sleeping on the floor in heaven – the bed was amazing.

It was one smooth ride all through the night and my skin didn’t hurt one bit unlike it did every morning while i was still at the village.

I yawned stretching myself.

What a cool bedroom.

Everything was perfectly arranged and I stared marveled at the large collection of shoes on a wooden shelf.

I presumed it to belong to king Lee and I took my eyes from it to other credible things in the room.

King Lee must be having a great time here. Lucky him.

I heard my tummy rumble audibly and I held onto it.

Why do I feel so hungry when it’s still early in the morning?


I didn’t get to eat dinner last night cause I was occupied fighting.

I climbed out from the large bed and passed my legs into the slippers on the floor.

All I have to do now is to find the route to my room and freshen up for another stressful day.

I sighed and began walking to the main door I had used in entering.

Holding the knobs effortlessly, I pulled it but the door didn’t open.

Its locked? How….

I made my grip around it tighter and began pulling with the all my strength.

I kept pulling and using all the techniques I could use on the door but no…it was clamped shut.


I turned back at the room and slumped on the floor.

My tummy grumbled once more reminding me of it’s helpless situation.

I sniffed and looked up only to see king Lee staring at me.


In a flash, I spranged up to my feet facing him.

Don’t tell me he’s been standing there watching me attack his door like a mad woman.

Oh my God!

Is that another set of diamond earrings?

“Good morning My Lord” I greeted wishing the ground would open open and swallow me up.

He didn’t utter a word as he walked into the room fully.

He took his eyes to his bed where I had slept on.

“There are two buckets on your right” His gentle deep voice instructed and I turned to see the two buckets.


What I’m I doing with them?

“There are two empty drums at the gate. You are to fill those two drums using the two buckets under half an hour. Once the time is up and you’re not done, there will be worse consequences”

How can I do all that in one hour?

Just for sleeping on his bed??


“Can I at least have breakfast?” I asked pouting.

He looked at me and I gave him clear perfect puppy eyes. He glanced at me and laughed.


He took a cup of the alcohol I remained last night and drank from it.

“No” He deadpanned and I shrunk.

Oh my God!

This is not happening right now.



I carried the buckets walking along with the guard king Lee kept to supervise the stupid job.

I’m almost at the verge of breaking into painful tears but I couldn’t.

I can’t let king Lee break me.

I’ll rather deal with him till he begs for mercy.

“We’re here princess Anna. These are the drums” The guard said cheerfully pointing.

I traced the angle is hand was pointing at and my entire system stopped working for a second.

How can this be the size of a drum???

*Run Dawn.*

My subconscious mind whispered to me as I stared at the largest wide drums I’ve ever seen before.





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