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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 7


🥀King Lee’s pov🥀

After sending the guard out to get princess Anna – my newest p***y, I sat on my stool enjoying a glass of wine.

Yes…I’m going to f***k her tonight no matter what.

I’m anticipating on how she’d be in between her legs. If there’s anything special there at all.

Since she’s the savior of her stupid kingdom.

A knock came on the door and a maid rushed in.

“Your highness, please forgive me for just barging in. Queen Simone sent me, she asks that if you could come…it’s urgent” She said and I arched my brows.


🥀 Simone’s pov🥀

I knew king Lee would want to taste that new freak tonight but I can’t let that happen.

I won’t let the new girl replace me before his eyes.

I don’t want to end up being like Alicia.

Rejected after giving birth.

I want the king all to myself. Together with his craziness.

At first, I never wanted to be here but just being with a man this handsome and rugged is so desirable and I just wish he’s feeling the same way about me.

I heard sounds of door opening and I was sure he was here.


Here goes nothing.

I stood up from the bed to see him walking into the room.

He was just in his night robe which looked so good on him.

“What’s the urgent thing, Simone?” He asked looking around.

I smiled and and stood at akimbo.

I was just in my p*nt and bra so I could attract him.

“My love, there’s something I want to show you” I replied and he scoffed.

“Aren’t you coming to see it?” I asked getting on the bed.

He sighed and approached the bed.

He assisted me with removing the p*nt and I separated my legs.

“What did you notice?” I asked with a giggle and he rolled his eyes.

“To straight to the point” He deadpanned and I sighed.

“Use your d***k to feel it so you’d know” I pestered.

“I have important things to do. Maybe tomorrow” He said and I grabbed his wrist.

“Please don’t go your highness. This is important to me as well” I pleaded.

He positioned himself right inbetween my legs and I felt his tip rub on me but not for long, he pushed his monstrous size all into me stretching me out again.

I moaned quietly and in deep ecstasy as he touched me all over as he drilled me.

He’s very huge and hurts me Everytime he penetrates but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Our bodies moved in full rhythm adding more pleasure to my guts.

He stopped thrusting and pulled out of me. I stopped panting at the moment staring at him.

“Can you give me your backside?” He asked with a grunt.

I nodded happily and climbed off the bed. I’m pregnant and might be stressing the unborn child but I’m sure we can both handle it.

I’m glad I was the one to please his hard and turned on state and not that stupid princess.

🥀 Dawn’s pov🥀

The door to the king’s chamber was opened as soon as I arrived and I walked in though I was scared and felt kind of insecure.

The light in the room was dim and It was hard for me to see.

I took a step further and that was when things became clearer than it was before.

What a spacious bedroom. Won’t the king get scared of sleeping here all alone at night?

I shrugged and continued my tour in the room.

Where is king Lee?

He did ask me to come, didn’t he?

I began walking to the beautiful wine collection in his room. So tall and magnificent. So many brands of alcohol.

I took one though and gulped it down a few times. I’m sure he won’t notice.

I moved over to his extra large and soft bed. I wondered what it was made of as I laid on it and covered myself up with a duvet.

I suddenly didn’t want to get up and I closed my eyes going to sleep.





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