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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 6


🥀 Dawn’s pov🥀

I remained standing transfixed as the king’s cold glares didn’t leave me.

I gave him a pleading look shaking my head negatively.

He took his eyes back to Xenia and patted her hair.

I gulped staring like a bloated goat.

He got up and looked around the messy dinning. Believe me when I tell you it’s a complete mess.

Suddenly, a weird unexpected laugh tore from his lips and he stepped back.

Now I’m sure of it – he is a psycho.

“So the three of you decided to turn this place into a dog house, huh?!!” He barked quizzically.

“My Lord….

The king stopped Alicia from speaking.

There was dead silence in the whole room.

He took some steps towards me with his hands in his pockets.

His eyes pierced into mine and I didn’t know what gave me the boldness to look back at him.

“Leave us” He simply instructed and his guards left first, followed by Simone.

Alicia hesitated a bit before taking Xenia’s hand and they sashayed out of the room…b**ches.

It didn’t move me that I was alone with him just yet until a laugh left his lips and he began walking past me.

Oh no…

He’s standing beside me!!

I felt him touch my hair feeling the texture. He pulled it a bit and I shuddered.

“Does that hurt?” He whispered into my ear but I didn’t respond.

He pulled it again and this time, the pain was evident and I winced in discomfort.

“You’ll feel Xenia’s pain by the time I’m done. That’s a promise” His voice hovered behind me.

Suddenly, he touched zip of my dress and began dragging it down. He made me remove the dress from my body entirely.

I was overwhelmed and quickly used my hands to shade the two sides the little way I could.

Oh my God!

This is humiliating.

I faced him unable to turn my whole back on him. He took a neat glance staring at from up my face and down to my waistline.

“Are you aware that if I figure out that you’re not a virgin, I’ll destroy that thing in between your legs with a sharp knife and also burn every single soul in your kingdom alive” He said rubbing The rings on his finger as he spoke.

My heart began racing…

Destroy my v*g*na with a what???

I’m so scared right now cause I’m not sure I’m a virgin. Mom told me that the moment a man dares to touch me that I’ll loose my dignity.

And I never went to a school to learn much about anything. We didn’t have enough money.

He picked up my dress and just as I was about to take it, he began tearing it literally.

After he was done, he threw them at my face before leaving.

Ow…now I have to go to my room half nak*d.

🥀Authoress Eunice’s pov🥀

King Lee walked into his office accompanied with his guards.

You could feel the tension and anger from what happened to his daughter – Xenia.

He headed for his wine collection and wraps his hand around a bottle of Vodka. His eyes rolls on the bottle casually.

He suddenly turns and throws the bottle towards the men behind him but luckily, they dodged it while the bottle smashed to pieces on the wall.

They have gotten used to unplanned surprises from their king…dangerous surprises.

King Lee took deep breaths trying to calm himself down.

He reached for another bottle and this time, uncapped it. His five fingers, each glittering with foreign gold rings.

He poured a little quantity into a glass cup before taking it to his lips.

“My Lord…how do you see the princess from Muzana? Is she worth it? Did you taste her?” His main and trusted guard, Raphael asked from behind.

King Lee didn’t say a word but took a gulp from his cup.

“Give me tonight to find out then” He muttered after he had swallowed the lump.

“But one things for sure, she’s a trouble maker and she attempted to kill Xenia on her first day” Raphael chided.

“And she’s beautiful too” the other guard whispered but the king overheard it and began laughing hysterically.

🥀 Blade’s pov🥀

I paced around the room worried and curious.

I hope things are going well at the other side. I hope that girl is keeping things as planned unless I wouldn’t hesitate to finish her mother.

But then…

The soldiers sent by king Lee are still here in their camps.

Could it be king Lee doesn’t like the girl or is he still deciding if she was worthy as a gift.

This is not right…

🥀 Dawn’s pov🥀

I couldn’t sleep as I kept pondering over what happened with king Lee.

I didn’t have the guts to tell him I wasn’t the one that hurt Xenia.

geez! I’m so going to die here before am exposed of not being princess Anna.

What punishment could king Lee have for me? He’s left me in a more curious state than I’ve ever been.

I’m so escaping tomorrow.

Maybe the banquet would be crowded and busy, I’ll have a chance to leave.

Yes… that’s what I’ll do.

I can’t stay here fighting a pregnant woman and an evil mother and daughter for the rest of my life.

That’s not right.

I even wanted to heal Xenia of her wound but I won’t because of her lies.

She put me in some trouble I don’t know how to get out of.

I was finally able to close my eyes drifting to sleep when a knock came on the door.


Who could that be now??

I climbed out from the bed and moved to the door. I grabbed the silver colored knob and twisted it open.

It was one of the palace guards.

what’s he doing here??

“The king wants you in his room right now. he gives you five seconds headstart” He said and my heart leapt.


I had no idea when I walked out of the room in a haste.

I just have five seconds!!!





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