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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 4


πŸ₯€ Dawn’s povπŸ₯€

I felt myself regaining consciousness and the white broad ceiling came into view.

I batted my lashes getting rid of the blurry vision.

I found myself on the bed and all covered up under the duvet.


Did Caroline bring me here? She’s stronger than I thought.

I drew upwards in a sitting position just staring around my new room – a room that shouldn’t even be mine.

gosh! This is too much to take!!

I can’t believe I fainted just at the mere thought that I would become the third wife to king Lee.

It’s just unimaginable and I pray I’d never see him till I come up with a way to escape from this place.

Yeah…I’m going to run away.

Even if I don’t make it my mother, I’d go somewhere else. Away from this whole arrangement.

I huffed and plonked myself into the bed feeling – home sick.

I couldn’t stop thinking of mom. We just have each other and now something’s trying to break us apart.

How cruel…

A knock came upon the shut door and it took a minute before I replied.

The door opened and Caroline walked in shutting the door behind her. She smiled seeing that I was awake.

“My princess, you suddenly blacked out. I didn’t alert anyone cause I thought maybe it was just stress from your travel” She stated clearly saying what she wasn’t asked to say.

I sighed and left the bed feeling a bit dizzy.

“I want to go back to sleep. Don’t disturb me till tomorrow morning” I ordered heading for the door I supposed was the bathroom.

“But…your highness, it’s time for the general dinner. I actually came to wake you up and help you get ready”.

I rolled my eyes. You’ve got to be kidding me right now.

“What if I don’t want to attend…?” I asked distractedly.

“That would be a problem since the other wives are desperate to meet you” She muttered and I scoffed.

“Will the king be there?” I asked stopping on my track..


πŸ₯€ Alicia’s pov πŸ₯€

“So, none of you saw her when she arrived?” I asked glaring at the maids.

“No ma’am. She arrived so late and we couldn’t leave our duty post to welcome her” One of them replied and I folded my arms.

I gazed at them angrily.

I decided to let the quest go since I would still meet her during dinner.

She can’t be that beautiful. I’m clearly the fairest in the land and thousands of ladies adore me for being so gorgeous and a queen.

But if she becomes a pain in the neck, I’ll put her in her place.



πŸ₯€ Dawn’s povπŸ₯€

Selecting a dress for the dinner was work itself and at last, I am ready.

Caroline led the way while I followed from behind.

I didn’t know a single place here and I get the hunch that it’d take a quite a time for me to be settled in properly.

We began going down the fleet of stairs. It was long and I wished I could disappear and appear at the end of the stairs but that’s impossible.

I’m only gifted with healing powers…nothing more.

We arrived and I gawped at the two beautiful ladies seated on the seats facing their meal.

I guessed they were pretty because of the outstanding make up on their faces but come to think of it…. isn’t it bed time??

Caroline pulled out a chair for me and I sat down adjusting the dress I wore. She exited the dining room leaving just the three of us.

“Um…good evening” I greeted though it took a lot of efforts for me to blurt that.

The woman with the blonde hair had her eyes on me as though she was checking me out.

“You’re the only princess sitting on this table so you know better than to greet us without respect!” She chided sternly and I rolled my eyes.

What’s her problem??

*It’s not like you’re eating the greetings your highness* was what I was pushed to say but I didn’t.

I rather kept calm and uncovered my plate.

I heard her scoff and began eating her meal.

The pregnant lady whom I suppose was Simone didn’t utter a word as she ate like a hungry lion.


See what it has turned her to.

I pray king Lee hates me and sends me back or doesn’t touch me at all.

The thought sent shivers down my endocrine system.

Oh Lord…please save me from this mess.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps drawing near and I lifted my face to look.

Could…could it be him???

Luck was on my side as a little little girl walked in holding on to one of the maids.

She’s so adorable and cute.

She must be the king’s first child.

“Mommy!” Her tender voice called and the grumpy woman looked at her.

“Xenia. Come here dear”.

The little girl left the maid and raced to her mother and she carried her into her arms.


I tried not to think so much about mom cause the more I did, the more I had headaches.

I sighed and resumed eating ignoring my co. wives.

So annoying!…

The food was hot and tasted so good that I remembered that this was the most luxuriant meal I’ve ever eaten.

Mom’s food is the best but not at rich as this. I even intended to lick the plates after I’m done.


Suddenly, I felt cold water splash on me and i quickly stood up astonished.

I stared down at the little girl holding a cup. She did this…

How could she?

She immediately ran back to her mother who took the cup from her with a devilish smirk.

I took a long stare at my drenched dress before taking my eyes back to them.

I’m going to murder someone tonight 😠





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