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 ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ–คTHE KING AND I๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 30

(Finale Episode of season one)


Dawn’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

I couldn’t make words with my lips as I stared helplessly at King Lee.

What on earth does he mean by that?

Is…Is he going to kill me?๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Many thoughts began going through my mind and I dismissed them as he kissed me again. It was harder and filled with so much passion that I felt like explode in pleasure.

He broke the kids afterwards and began smooched my neck area.

I refused to mutter those ungodly screams – moans and I bit my lower lip.

He advanced to my earlobe and showered kisses and smooches on it,, I still proved stubborn to succumb to the urge to moan…

What would he think of me?

“You’re too guarded…release yourself Anna” He whispered with his eyes piercing into mine.

I nodded trying to make myself feel more relaxed and believe me, it didn’t work.

He removed the nightie and it fell gracefully to the floor. I was now stark n*ked infront of him.

He smiled and carried me into his arms taking me to the bed.

The whole thing seemed to be happening so fast and my heart couldn’t stop beating like it would jump right out of my chest.

He laid me gently on the bed and adjusted himself inbetween my legs.

Oh God!…

He got hold of my bre*st and began sucking it from it fervently.

The feeling was new and drove me wild.

His other hand wandered off to the other bre*st and he fondled it roughly.

Who knew this could feel so damn good??

I suppressed the moans and only muffler out the sounds.

I thought he had done enough as he let go off my bre*sts and looked into my face.

He ate into my neck as his hand touched my v and he rubbed the surrounding.

He suddenly slid in a finger into my v and I gasped.

What’s he doing??…

He pulled away and cringed.

“Sorry” He whispered moving his finger back and forth in the tight area.

God!…it was so tight and I couldn’t help but scream again.

“Ouch! Please..stop it!” I wavered as he added another finger.

I touched his hand unable to endure the excruciating pains.

He slammed his lips on mine kissing me softly as he continued to destroy me with his fingers.

He increased his pace and I sobbed.

He had no idea how painful it was..

I was relieved when he finally stopped and slid out his fingers from me.

I groaned taking In the first batch of pain I received.

He moved back from me and took out his top before removing his belt.

I gulped and closed my eyes.

I felt him get on top of me again but he wasn’t squashing me with his weight.

My eyes flickered open when I felt something strong and hard poking at my v. Huh???…

“Take a deep breath Anna” He said and slowly thrust into me.

Holly molly!!!

What the heck….

I screamed out as he forced his whole big size into me.

How cruel…

I thought of closing my legs again but that was mission impossible.

Instead, the king touched my legs and spread them apart giving him room to enter deeper.

I grunted and cussed as he moved out from me but came back I again with full speed and I felt something tear inside me.

Oh my God!

I tried to fight him off and he kissed me roughly still grinding into me.

“That’s enough King Lee.

It hurts so much.

I won’t do it again!” I whimpered after he broke the kiss. I was saying so many things that came to my mind just to make the pain go away!!๐Ÿ˜ฃ

He raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist pounding into me.

I made an attempt to push him off but he took hold my hands and pinned them to the bed above my head.

Each hit came with a force that I couldn’t explain and all I could do was beg and cry even though I did nothing wrong.

It was a mixture of pain and pleasure and I couldn’t handle it.

“I can’t take more of this.

Please…I’m sorry” I cried and he suddenly stopped like I just called him out from a trance.

He pulled out from my weak and defiled v**ina and brought down my legs.

I was tired and sweating allover and gradually passing out too.

How could King Lee do this to me? I begged him to stop, didn’t I??๐Ÿ˜ข

I sobbed quietly as he pulled the duvet to cover my unclad body.

“I said I was sorry…” I muttered with a sniff and slowly, I drifted to sleep.

King Lee’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

I watched her close her eyes and sleep off. She’s so adorable and I didn’t intend to f***k her to death.

I’ve never really felt this way with someone. I barely have an appetite for s3x and I never felt this way with Simone or Alicia.

I didn’t want to stop at all…

Was it because I was starting to like her?

Well, whatever it is that I feel for her…I know it’s true.

And I know she started having feelings for me from day one…I can tell.

But that shouldn’t be my main priority for now…What am concerned about is what she said when she was begging me to stop.

I remember her words – “I know am not Anna but please forgive me”.

What does she mean by that???







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