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 πŸ‘‘πŸ–€THE KING AND IπŸ–€πŸ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 29

Dawn’s povπŸ‘‘

“Good evening…Father” I greeted with a slight bow.

“Anna!” The man said smiling as he held my hands.

“I’ve missed you so much” He professed and pulled me into a hug.

My heart was beating as though the world was coming to a complete end. The atmosphere tired me out and I felt like crumbling to the floor.

This is my life now…A life filled with lies and no truth at all.

I’ve given up my true identity and is going to receive nothing in return…

Oh God!

“How is mother?” I asked after we disengaged from the hug.

“She couldn’t make it. She’s…not feeling too well” he replied humorously.

He’s such a good actor – no doubt.

“My greetings King Lee” He said and I turned to look at him.

He wore a seriocomic smile on his face and the last time I saw that special smile of his was when he killed that man with a knife. He effortlessly stabbed the man on his head and that memory is something I’ll never forget till I die.

“Thank you so much…for withdrawing your soldiers from out kingdom. I know you’ve received my letter but I still want to say thank you…King Lee” The king of Muzana said with a bow.


I was marveled at how old and aged kings bowed and trembled at the mere presence of young King Lee.

He’s phenomenal.

“Its nothing to feel good about.

Who knows what I might do tomorrow?” He asked rhetorically and began walking away.

I followed him immediately as he went back to the table.

So…King Lee ordered his soldiers to leave Muzana???

Was it…because of me??

I don’t even know what to think anymore.



After we sat on our seats and the meeting continued, King Lee dropped his left hand on my lap.

“Just rub it a little” He muttered like a child.

He’s so adorable!

I began massaging his soft hand filled with all sort of rings.

I thought he said my palm wasn’t as soft as he wanted.

I’ll let it pass since I can’t talk in the mist of all this people.

As the meeting commenced fully, king Lee finally said something and there was dead silence as he spoke, all eyes fluttering at us.

His voice was the sweetest and most alluring among the others.

It became clear to me at this moment that I was in love with King Lee.

Luke’s povπŸ₯€

The conference was over and King’s began meeting each other.

Greetings and exchanging pleasantries.

I hid at a corner scouring the hall with my eyes for King Lee.

My knife was ready and I had planned on how I’d take on princess Anna.

She must not leave this hall alive…!

I finally spotted them walking to the door and there were no guards with them.

I made my first move.

Blending in with the kings and queens around as I aimed for princess Anna.

I took a deep breath and rushed to them practically moving behind them.

I was careful not to alert king Lee.

And just as I touched my knife to slide it out,,I remembered something.

King Lee was 10 when he started receiving training on how to fight by his father.

He’ll definitely tear me into pieces before I can escape.

My legs began shaking as I kept following them…

I can’t do this!…

My life is too important to me.

Queen Alicia should look for someone else strong enough to hurt what belongs to the king.

I stopped walking and quickly ran out through the back door.

Dawn’s povπŸ‘‘

“You all should go back to the castle. There’s somewhere I want to go to with princess Anna” King Lee said holding the keys to one of the cars.

“But…your highness, its not safe to go without us” One of the guards said fraily.

“You should worry about yourselves before thinking about me” He shot back and opened the door to the front seat for me and I entered.

Oh Geez!

Where are we going to…so late at night??

“Don’t even think about following me. My orders are simple – go home” He said icily and the guards nodded.

He rolled his eyes and entered the driver’s seat,,turning on the ignition immediately.

He drove off the compound leaving the guards curious and gob smacked.

I was speechless and curious through out the ride to God-knows-where.

Since he’s the king – he can do whatever he wants.


After a short drive, we arrived at a huge blue painted house.

There was no guards or gate.

Where were we???

We came down from the car and he quickly took my hand leading me inside.

The surrounding was quiet though and there was lightbulbs at each corner making the place lit.


King Lee was at the balcony in the room making a phone call while I was in search of something less revealing to wear.

The only thing that occupied the wardrobe were short dresses and had exposed cleavages.

I decided to wear one that seemed to go down more than the others.

I wonder who owns these nighties.

They looked new like it was just bought today and in best qualities.

I heard footsteps and I turned to see him staring at me.

Oh Gosh!

“I’m sorry, your highness but these were the only thing in the wardrobe” I said feeling guilty.

He cracked and dropped his phone on the drawer.

“Its nice” He muttered and started towards me.

I gulped and took a step backwards.

I wonder how many days we would be staying here since King Lee seemed relaxed.

He sent his hand to my waist and pulled me close. Our eyes locked and I hoped he’d see the confusion in my eyes.

Before I could say ‘Jack’, his lips were against mine brushing and sucking.

His lips felt so soft and tasted so good than I ever imagined it to be. My first kiss was from King Lee….oh God!!

He pressed my waist closer to his body and depeened the kiss.

He unlocked after a while and I panted.

He grinned, his dark eyes piercing into mine.

“Are you ready to bleed tonight?” He whispered and my heart skipped.






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