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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 20

👑Dawn’s pov👑

My heart continued to beat like a party drum and the King still had his back turned on me.

The fear and worry alone sent shivers through my endocrine system and could barely stand.

To be sincere, I’m tired of this dramas and just want to back home. If only it was easy as I seems.

King Lee groaned staring down at his hand. He glanced at it for a while before looking up at me.

“This new ring is skintight. It’d surely paralyze my finger if I keep wearing it. Help me pull it off, Anna” He mumbled stretching out his hand to me.

I ambled to where he was unable to feel my legs.

Words can’t define how scared I was at the moment.

I took his hand and held onto the one with the tight golden ring.

Don’t blame me for admiring him too much but I couldn’t help it.

I was trying to get myself distracted from what was happening at then.

I gripped the ring and turned it bit by bit like I was screwing it out.

It loosened and gradually, it slipped out.


My finger hurts Anna.

Do something about it” He said grumpily.

I sighed began blowing air to his finger and he chuckled.

“You’re tickling me, right now. Thats enough” He groused stepping back.

I smiled, sparing the ring a glance and found it to be sheen and radiant.

I offered it back to the King but he ignored me and sat on his seat before his desk.

“Where should I keep the ring, your Majesty?” I asked quizzically.

He sighed sending the bottle of drink to his lips before drinking it.

“Its yours” He replied making me alarmed.


“I…I don’t understand” I whispered puzzled.

His eyes fluttered up and glared shortly at me.

I chuckled sheepishly and brought down my hands.

“Thank you, King Lee. I’m grateful…” I said despondently.

“Put the ring on…I want to see how it looks on your finger” He said and I nodded.

I stared down at my fingers.

Which one do I wear the ring???

I sighed and put it on a finger on the left. I supposed that was were married people wear their ring.

“Come here” He ordered and I gulped taking few steps closer to him.

He took my left hand and gazed at the ring on it. He chuckled and touched the ring.

“Thats not how you wear a royal ring, you…

“Brainless rat” I chipped in completing his statement for him.

He looked up and chuckled.

“Yes, brainless rat” he muttered and turned the ring on my finger.

It did look better now and was a perfect fit but wait a minute…shouldn’t he be judging me on the case about Simone.

“Why are you always wearing dresses. Don’t you have normal clothes?” He asked glaring at the dress I wore.

“I don’t. These are the only clothes I have, your highness” I replied and he left my hand.

He was quiet for a while just looking into space.

“Did you do it?” He suddenly asked and I went numb.

I couldn’t make a single word out of my lips.

Would he believe me even if I said I was innocent?

“I didn’t do it. I was on my way to the dinning room when I met a maid with two trays that she couldn’t carry. So I helped her out and we delivered the food to the dinning together. I don’t know why I’m being accused” I muttered as my eyes welled up.

“Is that all you’re saying to defend yourself?” He asked staring at me with beady eyes.

“I don’t know…something like this have never happened to me before” I professed feeling shattered within me.

He murmured some words I couldn’t hear while rubbing his forehead.

“I was planning on killing the dog this morning. There’s a place I want the killing to take place.

“And you’re coming with me. So let’s go” He ordered taking a key from the table and walking out.


He wants me to be there when he kills the dog??

Okay…this is not going to be funny.





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