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๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ–คTHE KING AND I๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 19

๐Ÿ‘‘Alicia’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

“The maid has been paid just like we agreed” Esme informed with a low voice.

I smiled and turned to stare out through the glass window.

“What about Simone…? Is she okay?” I asked worriedly.

She sighed not answering immediately while I scarcely anticipated.

“No one knows. The doctor was escorted straight to King Lee’s office without speaking to anyone” She replied perfunctorily.

I released the breath that hitched for a long time since Simone was taking away.

I didn’t mean to hurt her like that but I was desperate – killing two birds with one stone.

I get to put the new b***ch in trouble with the king and also keep Simone from giving birth to a son for the king.

I really didn’t want to put Simone through such pains. She have been here at the castle for almost a year now and we’ve gotten a little bit…peaceful.

I mean, she’s no longer a total stranger to me that I’d do something dangerous to her.

My heart couldn’t stop racing and I hated it. I couldn’t pull myself together after what I just did.

I took a deep sigh and I heard the door creek open.

I didn’t need to turn since I knew it was a maid that had just entered.

“You’re needed at the King’s office, my queen” She stated and I gulped.

Dawn’s pov๐Ÿ‘‘

I stood in front of the enormous doors to the King’s office.

I had been summoned and I overheard someone say I was being blamed for what happened to Simone.

Oh God…

This can’t be happening again.

Being accused falsely for something I know nothing about.

I composed myself and proceeded to entering the office.

The spacious office was dead quiet as I walked in with everyone’s eyes on me except for King Lee’s.

It took me a lot of courage to move closer into the office.

King Lee’s head was bent and he seemed to be in deep thoughts.

I know this because he normally poses like this when we were together at the garden at his room.

Footsteps emerged from behind and I turned to see Alicia walking in. Her escorts weren’t with her.

I turned back to the king and saw he was now looking up.

He held a doleful but facial expression on his face.

So handsome and gorgeous with the shimmering earrings. His fingers were occupied with different types and colors of rings.


I began feelings butterflies dance around in my tummy. What could this be?

The royal doctor cleared his throat and my attention drifted to him.

“Simone’s food was drugged with an abortion pill and the drugs reacted in a terrible way. The maid that served the food has been interrogated and she claims that she caught you – princess Anna adding an unidentified powder into Simone’s plate.

“So the question is princess Anna, did you do it?” He asked quizzically.

I gulped feeling my eyes water instantly and my lips vibrated.


What’s…what’s he saying??

I bent my head unsure of where to start from to defend myself.

They all think I did this. How the hell do I start??

“She’s keeping quiet! And as as they say silence means she did it—” The doctor yelled pointing accusingly at me.

Suddenly, a cup flew from nowhere towards the doctor and I smashed on his head.

I gasped taking my hands to my chest – stupefied.

I looked at King Lee to realize he was the one who threw the cup at the doctor.

Oh my God!!!

Did that just happen????

I stared back at the doctor and saw he was already bleeding at his bald head. He quickly placed his hands on the spot wincing in excruciating pains.


King Lee stood up from his seat and walked past the table area. He sat at the edge of the table staring casually at the doctor.

He rolled his eyes with a sigh.

“Its a crime to point accusingly at a royalty…don’t you know that?” He asked and a wave of relief flowed through me.

I had no idea what came upon me but I seemed to miss that gentle and calm voice of his.

“I’m sorry, your highness. Forgive me” The doctor wavered.

King Lee chuckled and took his bottle of alcohol from the table.

“Alicia…what do you think?” He asked quietly.

“I think she did it. She must be jealous of Simone’s pregnancy and decided to eliminate her so she’ll replace her. She’s new here and we barely know anything about her…what her dirty motives are” Alicia sneered from behind.

The king drank from his bottle and didn’t say a word for a while.


He always does this…

“Leave us” He ordered and turned his back on us.


Was I suddenly going deaf??

Who’s the ‘us’?

Everyone began leaving the room…I mean, everyone.

It was literally the king and I alone in the office.

My heart increased by hundred.

Oh God…

What does he have to say to me now?





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