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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 16


Dawn’s pov:

The guard opened the door and I walked in feebly.

I never thought I would ever step foot into this room again…not after I slept on the king’s bed.

The loud noise of the door closing startled me and I snapped outta my thoughts.

King Lee was on his bed and the duvet covered the lower part of his body.

I approached him and stood beside him.

There was a black towel placed on his forehead and his eyes were closed.

“Good morning, My Lord” I greeted with a bow and his eyes fluttered open.

“I’m disappointed in you. I’m here getting weaker and sicker and you had no intentions of coming to see how I was doing?” He asked glaring at me.


He talks too much🙄

“I’m sorry. I was just tired from standing up through out yesterday” I replied pouting.

“You could have told me you were tired of standing up” He sneered with a scoff.

I kept mute removing the towel from his forehead. I dropped my hand on his forehead and felt his temperature.

“Your body doesn’t feel cold or hot, its normal…Then, why did you place a towel on your head?” I asked amused.

He raised his brows and threw glares at me.

I shrugged and dropped the towel in the bowl filled with warm water.

“How are you feeling now, your Majesty?” I further asked.

“Give me your hand” He ordered and I stretched out a hand to him.

He held it and trailed his finger around my palm. It felt ticklish and I chuckled.

Suddenly, he pinched me and I flinched. It didn’t hurt much and luckily, the pain subsided.

“That’s how I feel…it gets sweet and hurts at intervals” He remarked grinning.

“Well..that’s a weird sickness” I chuckled.

He let go off my hand slowly and I noticed it was awkward for him.

He never reacted this way yesterday.

“Have you had breakfast?” I asked and I almost ate my words when I realized I DIDN’T add any name he should be addressed..

He exhaled and sat up on his bed.

“That’s not what I need right now” He groused and dragged himself out from the bed.

He passed his legs into a pair of black slippers and to my dismay, he grabbed my wrist.

He walked us to a bold and glittering mirror next to his wardrobe.

He made me stand before the mirror while he stood at my back.

Okay…what’s going on???

“Look at yourself in the mirror, Anna” He urged and I slowly drifted them to the mirror.

“Do you like these paints on your face?” He asked squinting his eyes.

I twitched and shook my head despondently.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, it was Caroline, the maid” I whispered.

He drew himself closer and rested his chin on my shoulder.

“You should know this – I hate things that has to do with dressing-to-impress and that’s one of the reasons I’m tempted to kill Alicia whenever we’re together. And I thought you were different, I hope the thoughts aren’t wrong” He stated icily and I could feel my heart beating high.

“May I be excused to go wash them off?” I asked painstakingly and he moved away from me.

“Where’s the bathroom, your highness?” I asked with my head bent.

He pointed at a door at the other side of the room and I ambled towards it.

I got to the door and got hold of the handle.

I paused and looked back to catch King Lee staring at me.

My heart leaped and I quickly paved into the bathroom.

I turned…flabbergasted at the extremely gorgeous site before me. The facilities were spotless and glittered like diamonds.

For a moment there, I felt scared to touch anything.

I proceeded to the sink and turned the water on. Gradually, I began washing the lipstick and powder off.



I returned back to the room after I was through with the cleaning.

King Lee was still in his night robe walking around his room.

“I’m back…” I chimed and he laughed.

I stood curious of why he was laughing.

“What soap did you use?” He asked and laughed again and I was able to see his gold earrings.

He’s sick but still has free time to wear gold?

“The green soap at the sink, King Lee” I replied going closer to him.

He laughed again…like, for real this time.

“What’s so funny?…

Come on…tell me!” I fake cried.

“That soap is used in washing my legs – alone!” He replied inbetween laugh.


Did I just use leg soap for my face??!!!

“King Lee!…why didn’t you tell me?” I asked bursting into panic tears.

“I really needed something to make me laugh” He chuckled more while I touched my face.

Oh mercies!

“Don’t freak out. The soap was used by the King of Euphoris…you should be honored” He teased and I made a grimace.

“King Lee, can I please go to my room and wash my face again?” I asked pouting and he laughed again.

“No…Come with me…there’s something I want you to see” He said and took my wrist again pulling me with him…





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