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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 15


Dawn’s pov:

I struggled free from his grip and pushed him away from me.

I didn’t fancy the way he held me one bit.

“Don’t you ever hold me like that again” I seethed and he rolled his eyes.

“Calm down…would you? The last thing I would do is to take advantage of what now belongs to the king.

“I just came to let you know about something that has been bugging me for days now” He paused and took a deep sigh.

“King Lee’s soldiers are still in Muzana. They haven’t left their camp yet…and I’m worried” He spilled and I felt an intense heat building up again.

Oh God.

“Why haven’t the soldiers left, Dawn? They should have left the moment you began living here. Does it mean…you’re not enough? Isn’t the king pleased with you, yet?” He asked obviously perturbed.

My eyes dimmed and I was starting to loose my balance.

“I don’t know the answers to this things you’re asking me of. You brought me here against my wish so if your kingdom is still in danger, I don’t care…” I stated coldly.

The man sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“Have he touched you…yet?” He asked and I stared cluelessly at him.

“What are you talking about?” I queried glaring at him.

“Have you both slept together since you came here?” He further asked pacing around the room.

“The thing is…I don’t understand what you’re saying Sir Blade. I have my own room so why must we sleep together?”

He grunted and shook his head for a few seconds.

“That must be the reason why he hasn’t told his guards to withdraw” he muttered to himself before turning to me.

“You have to lure him to bed, Dawn. Make him attracted to you”.

“What? Have you lost it???” I asked irritated.

“He hasn’t told his guards to return home because he hasn’t tasted you yet. And the sooner, the better” He said standing still.

I sniffed and turned my head away.

“I’ve had a busy and stressful day, I really need to sleep” I said in a flaccid voice.

“But this is crucial!”

“You selfish man! If you pester me more, I’ll walk to the king’s room right now and tell him everything. If I die…then so be it. I am tired and need to get some sleep” i snapped and scuttled to the bed.

“Just think about what I’ve said” He said in a gentle voice before sneaking out of the room.

I released the breath I’ve been holding and fell on the bed.


How did that cruel man even get in here?

I thought the security was much authentic and powerful…

I rubbed my eyes feeling alot tipsy. I decided not to take a bath as I adjusted on the bed and covered myself up.

What if I wake up tomorrow to realize this has been an awful nightmare that felt damn real???






🥀Authoress Eunice’s pov🥀

“I demand to see the King” Alicia yelled at the guards who were standing before King Lee’s chambers.

“We’ve told you ma’am, the king doesn’t want to be disturbed” The first guard groused.

“Can you go inside and let him know its me. It’s urgent that I see him” She said perplexed.

She hasn’t seen King Lee for days and she couldn’t help but get worried especially when she have plans of having a male child for the King.

She couldn’t lure the King to bed without getting close to him. King Lee is tough to convince and doesn’t have a specific choice.

Alicia was loosing her patience as she retreated and began walking back to her room filled with rage and anger.

🥀Dawn’s pov🥀

“Thank you Caroline” I said after she helped me fix the dress I wore.

She smiled and turned ransacking the makeup desk.

I sat dolefully on the seat staring down at my fingers.

I remembered touching King Lee yesterday with this same hands and those crazy feelings that nuzzled me…


This is preposterous…

Caroline faced me again holding some lipstick and powder in her hands.

“I think you’ll look better with a little bit makeup Princess Anna” She beamed.

I shrugged and adjusted properly on the seat so she could work on my face.

She used the soft brush on my fae before applying some brown powder.

Next, she rubbed the lip gloss and made it light.

A knock came on the door and we both exchanged glances.

“I’ll go and see who’s at the door” She said wryly.

“No…I’ll go” I chipped in getting up from the seat. I moved to the door and opened it up.

It was one of the palace guards…

“Good morning, your highness” He said and looked around like he wanted to tell me a secret.

“The King demands for your presence immediately, you’ll have to follow me” He stated.

Oh Geez!

Not again…





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