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 πŸ‘‘πŸ–€THE KING AND IπŸ–€πŸ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 14


Dawn’s pov:

I blinked rapidly still trying to stomach what the King just demanded.

Does he mean it? Does he really want me to tell him a story?


But I’m not a damn storyteller. I’m always occupied with work that I don’t sit down for stories.

I could barely remember those stories mom would tell me before I went to bed. I was pretty much younger then.

Oh…how do I get out of this? How do I make something up??

“I’m waiting…” King Lee muttered rolling his eyes.

“ see, I’m really not in the mood to tell a story, my Lord” I bickered and I heard him scoff.

“I’m damn bored. I command you to be in the mood of storytelling before I ask you to fill three drums with water and I’ll supervise you myself, you brainless rat” He sneered and I glared at him.

Who does this king think he is??…

I cleared my throat and removed my hand that has been on his head.

“Do you want a romance story or an adventurous story?” I asked inaudibly.

“Take a good look at me, do I look like someone that enjoys romantic tales?” He questioned and I mentally slapped myself for asking.

“I apologize, your highness” I cooed with a faux smile.

He beckoned on me to go on with the wave of his hand.

I took a deep breath racking my brain endlessly for a story.


Here goes nothing;

“There was a mean evil slave master. He had thousands of slaves and was cruel and heartless. He had a son…

“One certain time, A bride as chosen for his son but the bride fell sick and died. Since the son was hot tempered, he wasn’t told about the death of his bride and another girl was brought to replace the dead bride.

“The new bride hated the son of the slave owner and she thought of escaping to another land away from the slave owners. But along the line…the slave owner’s son found out about his dead bride…

“King Lee..if I may ask, what do you think the son of the vicious slave owner would do to the new bride?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“Kill her of course. He should cut her to pieces and have her burned so in her next life, she won’t take such a risk” He replied sipping from his drink.

I felt sharp shivers travel through my endocrine system and felt numb at the knees.


He would burn me when he finds out I’m just an impersonator of princess Anna.

Oh God!

I’m so screwed.

Damn screwed…!

“So…what did the slave owner’s son do to the new bride?” His cold voice jolted me back to reality.

I swallowed nothing and pulled myself together.

“He forgave her cause it wasn’t her fault. And they lived happily ever after” I muttered.

“Wait…they never made babies?” He asked now staring up at me.

“They had as many children as they wanted” I replied smiling wryly.

“That was a good story, Anna. But I’m having trouble accepting the ending. The slave owner’s son must be so weak and stupid to forgive her so easily” He groused with a scoff.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Your majesty” I muttered and walked past him slowly.

“Where do you think you’re going to??” He asked and I returned back to him.

“Nowhere, your Majesty” I whispered and he stretched out his hand to me.

“I need you to rub my fingers tenderly” He instructed and leaned back on his chair.

“But my hands aren’t soft, your Majesty. I’ll go call Simone…her hand must be better” I shrieked and he bursted into an abrupt laughter.

“No one else knows I’m sick except you and my personal guard. I would prefer it to remain a secret till I get better, hun?..”

I nodded without saying a word. It was shocking at first, feeling his hand brush against mine as I massaged him.

The feeling I started having was strange and I felt my lower abdomen became hot and cold at the same time.

Somethings seemed to dangke in their and a sudden flow of happiness followed.

What’s wrong with me all of a sudden???

I’m a going insane?

If only mom was here. She’d tell me what’s going on with my body.

King Lee had his eyes closed and I was privileged to stare into his charming face.

His looks were killing that I felt like crying. It seemed ludicrous for me to feel this way but I couldn’t take my eyes off his face.

I think he’s an angel from Heaven who became cold and heartless…and still good looking.

I spent the entire day at the garden with King Lee.

I accepted his insults and tantrums.

I never knew someone that is sick could behave like a pregnant woman at the mood swing aspect.

I could have healed him but I had no idea why it didn’t walk when I had a chance to touch him.

I really don’t understand…




I strolled back to my bedroom humming one of the song I heard them play at the banquet.

It has been stuck to my lips since that day.

There was no sign of Caroline when I stepped in. The light in the room was dim and I scanned the room for the light switch.

I began walking to the light switch and out of nowhere, someone grabbed me and slammed my back against the wall next to the switch.

Oh my God!

I couldn’t help but panic in fright.

The stranger turned on the light and removed his veil…

I looked closely…

He’s the man from that day!

He’s Sir Blade…what is he doing here???





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