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πŸ‘‘πŸ–€THE KING AND IπŸ–€πŸ‘‘

(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 13


Dawn’s pov:

I couldn’t stop switching sides on the bed. I was so uncomfortable and really wanted to be in the right spot.

I unleaned from the bed and stared down at the pillow.

I gave it a few punches before I plonked back on it roughly.

Then an irrirating knock came on the door ruining my sleep.

I ignored the knock completely covering my ears.

“Princess Anna” Caroline called out and my eyes flickered open.

The door creeked and Caroline walked in. Firmly closing the door behind her.

I noticed her hair was left untied and her top quite revealing.

I didn’t put much interest as I stretched my arms and legs before curling up on the bed.

“Good morning, Your highness…

How was your night?” She asked with a bow and I smiled lightly.

“It was fine, thank you” I muttered perfunctorily.

I reminded myself today makes it one week since I’ve been here in the royal household.

I remember it like it was just yesterday I met those horrible strange men in the bushes and they forced me to come here with them.

Pretending to be the dead princess so their kingdom wouldn’t be destroyed.

I’m happy that I was able to save all those people from the kingdom of Muzana but I’ve been deprived of the freedom to live a normal life and to be with my mother.

I don’t even know when I’ll see her beautiful face again.

Both of our lives are at stake here.

We have to be strong for each other…

“Everyone is at the dining table having breakfast. You must join them” She announced heading for the large wardrobe in the room.

I remained on the bed just fiddling with the button strapped to the pajamas I was putting on.




I kept poking on the fried chicken resting on the plate in front of me.

The whole table was dead-quiet and there was no words exchanged.

I haven’t seen the King for a few days now and I think the co wives has not been able to see him too.

He seemed so preoccupied with lots of responsibilities.

Simone was now on her third plate since we began eating and I wish I won’t find myself in her condition just yet.

She’s always eating as though she was pregnant with twins and no amount of food would be enough for her.

It was kind of pathetic.

Alicia on the other hand, is being secretive and too quiet unlike she was.

She would always want to pick a fight with me when I was new here.

Well, no matter how hard she tries to act reserved, she’s still a b***ch to me.

Xenia and I becoming close and I don’t even know what made her so smart and brilliant when she’s just two years old.

Though I heard her birthday is fast approaching.

I took a deep sigh before getting up from the seat.

“Thank you” I muttered and walked out of the room.

The more I stayed here, the more I kept loosing my appetite.

The change of environment seemed to be too much for me and I can barely take it all at once.

It would definitely take a year or two before I can adjust to this life.

I’m sure.

I walked past some open doors that happened to lead out to the royal garden.


I’ve never been somewhere like this before. I think it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.

I began moving towards the door and soon, I was standing on the soft carpet bright-green grass.


I giggled and continued with the whole new experience.

A butterfly flew by and rested on my shoulder but it didn’t waste time in leaving.

I chuckled and kept walking through the beautiful flowers.

This is fascinating…!

The surrounding was calm and fresh cool wind blew around me.


There was a soft sneeze and I froze right where I stood.

Where could that be coming from??

I was alarmed the second I set my eyes on King Lee.

He sat on a chair with his legs on a stool.


I seriously didn’t see this coming…πŸ™Š

“Come here” He commanded glaring at me.

My skin began heating up as I made advances towards him.

King Lee…

Why do I get scared or anxious whenever he’s near???

Even at mere sight of him – I’m already shaking at the knees.

But…he’s great hair was a mess and his eyes was bloodshot red.

Is…is he sick?

“Hand me the cup” He muttered and my eyeballs darted to glass cup containing juice inside.

I took the cup and handed it to him with shaky hands.

He collected it and quickly took it to his lips. He sipped from the straw while I stood like an idiot staring at him.

Should I go??

“Aren’t you going to ask me what’s wrong with me?” He asked glaring at me.

Okay, what’s with the glares?

“I’m sorry, My Lord…what’s wrong with you?” I asked and he sighed.

“I’m sick. I get sick once in two years and it lasts for four days” He replied and I nodded like a robot.

Well…what should I be doing?

He sent his hand to his forehead.

“Gosh! It hurts so much…” He moaned and I could tell he was in pain.

“I need you to rub it…it f***king hurts” He added and I felt my heart beating like a party drum.

Oh Geez!.

I drew closer and touched his forehead nervously. My whole system was shaking and I could barely concentrate.

“Your hand is stronger than I thought. What are you, a lizard?” He asked glaring and I scoffed quietly.

Did he just call me a lizard?😭

“Feel this…” He stressed and he raised his hand up to my my cheek and touched it.

Oh my God!

King Lee is touching me…

“Can’t you feel how soft it is?” He asked with a smirk and I nodded.

“Its more soft than I thought.

what are you, a chicken?” I asked with a whisper and thank my stars he didn’t hear me.

“Xenia, told me you’re a writer. I need you to tell me a story and I want it to be the best story I’ve ever heard” He stated with his eyes closed.






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