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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 12


Dawn’s pov:

I remained hiding as I felt him stand at a particular spot for a while – doing nothing.

I could swear my breath hitched at that moment and I stopped breathing.

Oh mercies!

I can’t believe this is happening to me.

I think I’m destined to die this way – in the hands of King Lee..

I struggled to take another peep since he wasn’t moving.

He just stood stiff staring at the bed, probably at sleeping Xenia.

I really couldn’t explain what began happening at that minute.

The room became too quiet and I literally felt King Lee’s heartbeat.

Yes…it felt so strong and heavy. Like his whole emotions were being released on seeing Xenia lay sick on the bed.

I was starting to feel that strong love a man has for his daughter.

King Lee can actually care about someone this much??



He continued walking to the bed and my heart leapt.

He’s surely going to notice there’s someone under the bed.

He sat softly beside the bed and all I could see where the back of his handsome legs.

He had black slim sneakers on but but I couldn’t see his legs cause he wore a black thick leather trousers.

It made me wonder why such a god-looking guy would be so crazy and mysterious.

I suddenly heard a sniff and I paused. Everything took a pause in my mind as I made meaning out of what I just heard.

A sniff?

I just heard a f***king sniff from King Lee??!


Was he crying?🤣

This is hilarious.

I tried so hard not to laugh and luckily, he didn’t sniff again.

I decided to save the laugh for later…once I’m safe in my bedroom.

If only I would succeed leaving this place without being seen.

I think he would leave soon or…does he intend on spending the night here?

I don’t think so.

The light in the room came up and I gawped as soon as he got up from the bed.

“I don’t have to call you out, do I?” His calm voice chided and that was when I realized he knew I was here.

But just to be sure, I remained hiding shifting deeper into the dark.

“Princess Anna” I heard and my heart left my chest.

I flinched and shuddered beyond words.

How on earth did he know I was beneath the bed? Was it that obvious??

I had already began sobbing as I crawled out from my hiding place.

I stood up slowly with a sour face.

He leaned on the wall just staring at me.


What do I tell him? He’d definitely ask me what brought me to his daughters room late in the night.

“What are you doing under Xenia’s bed?” He asked after a long silence.

I stood dumbfounded rubbing my hands together like I wanted them to produce something.

His gaze didn’t leave me and I felt his anger building up.

I’m so dead..

What could possibly be wrong with me? I’m always clumsy and getting into trouble.

I haven’t even been here for a week!

I gulped hard as I finally summoned up courage to say something – anything at all!

“Your majesty….

A soft cough interrupted me and we both threw our glances at Xenia who was now awake!

“Xenia” King Lee called and went to meet her at the bed.

“Daddy” Her little voice called tenderly and I couldn’t help but smile though I was in big time trouble.

“Anna was reading me a story but I guess I fell asleep” She muttered and I flinched.


“Then where’s the book she was making use of?” He asked squinting his eyes.

I began to feel hot inside.

Did Xenia just lie for me???

“She wasn’t using a book. Its a story from her mind…she makes stories, don’t you Anna?” She asked giving me signals at intervals.


Can’t she add Princess to my name?

“Yes. I write stories” I lied and luckily, I didn’t stutter.

King Lee fixated his eyes on me like he was in deep thoughts.

He shrugged, stood up and walked up to me with his hands in his pockets.

“Were you so scared that you had to hide under the bed? You’re lucky I didn’t stab you with poison when you crawled out. You’ll be paralyzed for a week, you brainless rat” He sneered and walked past me leaving the room.

Xenia bursted into an uncontrollable laughter immediately the door closed.

“Brainless rat” she muttered and continued laughing.

Seems like I healed her from the scorpion sting but then…….

Did King Lee just call me a rat?



Somewhere in another kingdom🕵🏻‍♂



Manuel’s pov:

“Good evening house!” I greeted cheerfully as I moved into our house with my luggage.

I met the entire family at the living room and not one single person was missing…

oh..except my younger brother – Dallen.

That rascal…

He hasn’t been picking my calls since morning.

“Welcome son” mom stifled rushing to me.

We embraced and when she pulled from the hug, I noticed the tears in her eyes.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” I asked and took my time to look at the others.

They were looking moody and upset.

“Can someone please tell me what’s really going on?!” I asked getting agitated.

My uncle cleared his voice and stood up.

The look on his face was just sadness.

“Its about Dallen.

But promise me Manuel, that you won’t seeth for revenge after I tell you this…”

“Oh, cut the crap and tell me what happened!” I rasped angrily.

“Dallen’s dead body was brought home this afternoon. He was killed for stealing his gold” He paused and tried to touch me but I stepped back.

It took a while before I could digest the news. My younger brother is gone???…





I fought back the tears that tried to purge once again.

I faced my uncle feeling lost and empty.

Pain eating me alive.

“Who did this uncle?

Who’s responsible for his death?” I asked with gritted teeth…

He shook his head warily.

“You’re no match for him Manuel” He muttered and I scoffed.

“You coward! Just tell me the person who took Dallen from me!” I half yelled and he sighed.

“King Lee, The king of Euphoris” He replied and I felt my whole system vibrate.

How dare he?…

An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

I’ll avenge for my brother’s death no matter what.

I’ll take the most.precious thing he values. And if he gets in my way, I’ll kill him.

My brother’s blood will not shed in vain no matter how powerful his killer is, I will bring him down…


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