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(He’s a royal psychopath)

Episode 10


🥀Dawn’s POV🥀

I never thought I could feel my heart beat so loud like it had intention of leaving my chest.

He still had his back facing me and that made me relieved though.

Why would he ask such…all of a sudden!

Oh heavens!

I might as well tell him the truth and face the consequences than to trapped to keep telling lies to everyone.

“The truth is…

Suddenly, the door flung open and two men barged in. They were dressed as knights and had swords with them.

“My lord…we brought the gold thief. Should we bring him in?” The first knight asked gingerly.

“Bring him in” king Lee muttered after a short silence.

The two men turned and made a signal towards the door. Two guards made their way in pushing in a man with them.

The minute the trio got to the center of the room, the knight gave the man a brute slap and he fell on his knees.

I took a step back maintaining a distance from the awkward men.

The men gazed intently at King Lee waiting for him to so anything at all but no, he remained fixed backing us.

Then his hands began moving.

He took the bottle and poured a full glass of dark gin.

The color alone described the bitterness it must possess.

King Lee took a sip facing us and he drank till he was satisfied.

He still had his glass as he ambled to the man on his knees in between the knights. He raised his hand and dropped the glass on the man’s head.

The man stared up at the king and I was surprised he was able to look him in the eyes.

“Who sent you steal those gems?” King Lee asked with a gentle voice.

“Nobody” Came a reply from the kneeling man. He looked fearless and glared at the king at intervals.

I scoffed.

Such guts…

King Lee laughed and believe me, it was a long laugh.

The laugh died down afterwards and he faced the man again with the deadliest look.

“I’m sure you know I don’t show mercies and I don’t give second chances either. Answer the question or suffer the consequences” He spoke like he was restraining himself.

“I’ve told you what I can. And your men have taken those valuables from me, so tell them to let me go” The man seethed angrily.

The cup that has been on his head stuttered and fell on the floor shattering into pieces.

Oh no…

I couldn’t tell why I was starting to get worried.

The king took a deep breath and took his hands to his face rubbing it. He withdrew them from his face and smiled.

In the blink of an eye, the smile faded and he pulled out a knife from his pocket and stabbed it into the man’s head.

“No!!!” I bursted out in dispair.

I placed my hands on my chest receiving the greatest shock ever.

The man cringed and gradually dropped dead on the floor – flat.

King Lee laughed and sauntered back to his table.

The knights needed no further instruction as they pulled the corpse up and dragged it out with them.

I sniffed as silent sobs left my lips.

I just witnessed King Lee kill an unarmed man.

Yes, he was rude.

But did he really deserve death???

“And as for you, go and freshen up. Have breakfast and take a rest.

And pray i don’t get to the banquet hall before you this evening” He muttered drawing a figure with blood on his table.

I just stared at him like a bloated goat unable to utter a word.

What could I say?

I’m speechless…

I began moving to the door walking like I had lost myself completely…

This day is already turning out bad and I’m starting to wonder how tonight would turn out.

I have to make an escape plan…thats for sure.

🥀Bethel’s pov🥀

…..Dawn’s mother….

My eyes remained fixed at the window as the bus drove to the palace.

I would be among one of the women that’d supply ceremonial baskets for the banquet tonight.

I’m glad I was picked among the numerous women at the market.

But I can’t stop grieving over Dawn – my only child.

How could she have left me? Her father abandoned us and now she has left me as well.

She’s still 19 for Christ sake!

What could her little self achieve out in the world alone?

I have to find her no matter what.

I looked up to see the bus driving into the palace gates.


We’re here already.

Let’s get this banquet over with.






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