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 Teasing Me

Season 2

Episode 3

Guys who are that good looking aren’t usually my thing. In the past I’ve gone for guys who look a little more rough around the edges and seemed like they’ve lived some life. But damn, for this man I’ll make an exception. He makes his way through the crowd, never taking his eyes off me. He stops next to clip board guy—who’s stopped his yelling at the both of us—and speaks to him quietly. Clipboard guy simply writes down something on the clipboard, nodding. Then the hot guy disappears into the crowd, one second there and the next, gone. I can’t believe I lost him, considering how tall he is. Damn. Oh well, that was never going to happen anyway. Story of my life.

I let the music filter back into my ears, grabbing Cosette’s hand again and letting myself be free.

“Hey. Hey! You can stop now.” I look down at the base of the stage to see the clipboard guy making an annoyed face at us. “The song is over.”

I’d been having so much fun that I hadn’t even noticed the music change. I grin at Cosette as we slide down. “I haven’t had that much fun in forever.”

Clipboard guy rolls his eyes, then looks at Cosette. “Congratulations, you got the job,” and then he looks at me. “You too.”

“Oh, no,” I shake my head. “I wasn’t auditioning.”

He shrugs. “My boss liked you, so you’re in if you want to be.” He hands us each a piece of paper. “I’m Randall, I handle the club talent. Everyone else has gotten a head start on the paper work, so if you want to come with me, we’ll get you started and give you a tour of the club.”

Cosette holds her hand up for a high five. “Good job! It’ll be fun…working together.”

Something in her tone makes me think that she doesn’t really think that, and that’s okay. I already have a job that pays my bills—even if just barely. This was fun, but dancing in a sex club? “Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got a job. Go fill out the paperwork, I’ll hang out until you’re done.”

I swear that Randall rolls his eyes again, but Cosette looks relieved. “Okay. I’ll find you when I’m finished.”

Randall is already moving towards the back of the club and Cosette has to sprint to keep up. Once she disappears, I realize just how thirsty all the dancing has made me. I head back to the bar to get a drink, but I don’t make it all the way there. A hand grabs mine, stopping me in place, and a deep voice says, “I can give you a tour anyway, even if you don’t want the job.”

I turn and have to look up. If it’s possible, he’s hotter up close, and the way he’s looking at me does sinful things to my body—the kind of things that I read about and always wished would be true. Which is what is making me think that this is all a dream. “Go on a ‘tour’ of a sex club with a total stranger?” I give him a smirk. “If I’m going to do that, I think I should at least know your name.”

He smiles, bowing in a mock salute, “Julian Rivers. Welcome to my club.”

“Your club? You own this place?”

“With two friends, yes.”

I had assumed he saw the audition sign and overheard that I wasn’t taking the job, but now, “You’re the one who told Randall to offer me the job.”

“You don’t miss anything do you?” He laughs. “Yeah, I am. You were a natural up there—and damn sexy too.” He takes a step closer. “I liked the way you danced while I was looking at you. You touched yourself like you wished someone else was doing it.”

His hand is still holding mine, his thumb stroking along my skin and emphasizing his words. He isn’t wrong. God this is crazy. Cosette is the sexy one, the one who goes to clubs and picks up guys. Not me. I’m the girl who prefers romance novels to the real thing because nothing will ever measure up. I’m the girl who drinks tea and stays in watching TV. I don’t flirt with hot strangers in sex clubs.

But just for tonight, maybe I can. He’s still talking, voice sweeping across my skin like honey. It’s smooth and strong, just the way I imagine he’d be in…other situations. “You move like the music is a part of you.”

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