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 Teasing Me

Season 3

Episode 7

I know that I’m blushing, but the scenes around me are turning me on. It’s been so long that seeing other people have sex gets me going. There’s a woman dressed like Wonder Woman sitting on a throne while a man grovels naked at her feet. His mouth is so close to being in-between her legs, and god, it’s been so long since I’ve had that I feel a pull towards that stage. Until today, I hadn’t really noticed my lack of sex. Work seemed like enough. But since running into Hudson this morning my body is craving it. Being surrounded by people lost in pleasure isn’t helping to cool me down.

On another stage a woman is strapped naked to a large wooden X. The man with her is touching her, stroking down her back and reaching around to grope her breasts before taking her from behind. The woman’s head falls back in pleasure and I can see the way she’s clinging to her restraints—everything about it says that she wants more.

My body is suddenly uncomfortably hot, and there’s moisture pooling between my legs. I look away from the scene, unsure what to do with my reaction to it. I could use a drink. Besides, I’m supposed to be heading for the bar anyway, right?

There are multiple bars around the dance floor, but it’s obvious which one people would consider the main bar. It’s double the size of the others, practically dominating the space. A female bartender catches my eye as I approach, and I shake my head. I’m thirsty, but if Hudson really is going to meet me here, then I want to wait before I have a drink. I lean my back against the bar, taking in everything that’s happening. I wasn’t wrong, this is fascinating. My eyes wander back to the woman on the X who’s still being fucked. The way she’s at once so vulnerable but also loving everything, it’s intense and amazing to watch.

“Wow.” A voice comes from my left. Not Hudson’s voice—I don’t I think I could forget that if I tried.

I glance to my left to find a man dressed like a cowboy. Leather pants and a vest, showing a chest that’s so muscled I wonder if he’s a body builder. A glance down tells me that those letter pants have no ass. He doesn’t have a mask, but then again, they weren’t required. “What are you dressed as?” he asks.

“It doesn’t have a name.”

“It should. Maybe I can come up with a name for it.”

I give him a small smile. “That’s all right. I think it’s better if it’s left to the imagination.”

He steps closer. “Girl, there isn’t anything left to the imagination in that.”

Until he said that, he seemed fine. But now I don’t like how close he is to me. I shift away from him, but he follows. I can smell alcohol on him, and I’m inwardly rolling my eyes. It’s barely eleven. Of course there’s already drunk guys like this in here. I suppose all clubs have some like this, though it’s never fun.

“What do you say we go upstairs to the fantasy room, we can play with that imagination you were talking about.”

“No thank you,” I say through gritted teeth. “I’m waiting for someone.”

He laughs. “Well if you’re waiting for him, then he’s not here. Seems like you’re free to me. Don’t know why anyone would leave a hot thing like you waiting.” He wraps his arm around my waist. “I promise I’m more fun anyway.”

My body is in complete lockdown. “Take your hands off me. Now.”

“Come on, baby, I’m just trying to show you a good time.” He pulls my body against his, and I can feel his obvious erection and I’m overwhelmed by the smell of vodka as he gets in my face. “Who are you waiting for that could be better than what I’ve got?” He tips his hips into mine and I cringe.

I don’t know how to get out of this. “Please leave me alone.”

“Baby, you are going to be so glad that you didn’t wait for that other guy. I promise.”

“No, I’m not,” I say. “What part of ‘leave me alone’ did you not get?” I’m really tired of him touching me.

I push against his chest but that makes him hold me tighter. “What is it with you bitches who keep trying to get rid of guys who just want to show you a good time? I bet you’re not even waiting for anyone, just being a fucking bitch.”

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