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 Teasing Me

Season 3

Episode 22


He reaches around me and pulls on my nipples, and they harden under his hands while he works them. I arch my back and my ass runs into him. “The thing I like about this,” he says, “is it gives me such interesting access.”

“Oh?” I say, even though I can barely breathe because I’m so turned on.

His hand tangles in my hair and he pulls my head back and he kisses my neck, sending goosebumps across my skin. “Yes.” He lets me go and his hand drifts down my back, landing on my ass. He spanks me lightly, and I jump. “I can do this.”

His hand falls again, and again, moving back and forth between each cheek, and the sting of his fingers is surprising and arousing. He’s spanking me. People are watching him spank me, and I can’t move to do anything. I feel myself grow even more wet.

“There are no seats left,” he says. “People are having to stand around and watch you. They’re going to touch themselves while they watch me fuck you. They’re going to wish it were them. They’re going to see me as I lick you wherever I choose.”

His words, nothing but direct and honest, slice through me with unexpected heat. Lick me wherever he chooses. His tongue runs down my spine, and his hands land on my ass again, smoothing the heat from my skin where he spanked it. And then his tongue is there, on my ass, and I cry out in surprise. I arch against the restraints, head back, but of course there’s nowhere to go, and Hudson doesn’t stop the way he’s licking me. Sucking me. It’s so new and different and alien. That combined with the fact that I know he’s doing this for the show, and I almost come. It’s too much. It’s perfect.

Hudson pulls back and stands, and I hear the crinkle of a condom. I’m so wet that he slides in to the hilt, and my mouth falls open. I’m impaled by him, so full from this angle. I can’t move, and I don’t want to. I love this feeling of being trapped and free at the same time. I come immediately, my body shaking while he fucks me, and I know why that woman looked so radiant. This is…everything.

He doesn’t stop, and I let myself go, falling into pleasure. It feels like my mind is in freefall even though I’m standing still. Every time Hudson enters me it feels better, until each bit of friction feels like a tiny orgasm. I’m under the water in an ocean of pleasure and I don’t want to surface. I don’t know how long it is until I feel him come. It could be hours. And when he comes, I come with him again, though I haven’t really stopped. And this time I think I do scream. How is it that each time with him is better than the last?

I feel like I’m still floating, but Hudson releases me from the cross, and I’m being carried somewhere. He’s cradling me and I like the feeling of being cared for and close. “Are you all right?” he asks.

“I’m perfect.” The fog is lifting, but I can still feel that perfect floaty sensation. Almost like being high. “We’re definitely going to do that again.”

I can hear his chuckle vibrate through his chest.

I look around and I don’t recognize where we are. There are no other people, it’s a cozy room. White furnishings and a fire, and Hudson is holding me on the couch. “Where are we?” I ask softly.

“My private room,” he says. “After that, I wanted some privacy.”

“Mmm.” I snuggle closer to his chest, and I love this feeling. It’s perfect. I don’t remember a time when I’ve felt this content. “You never really told me why you do this,” I say. “Why you run a club like this. I mean, you told me that you and your friends wanted somewhere like this, but that doesn’t feel like the entire reason.”

“Very perceptive of you.”

“That’s me,” I sigh, still feeling a little high, “perceptive Christine.”

He laughs softly. “Well, I’ll tell you. I grew up in a really small town.”

“Me too.”

“Everyone there kind of knew how their lives would turn out, and I didn’t. I chose to go to college in California. Everybody was so different there, and away from home, I felt like a whole new person. I met my friends—the other owners—there. And when you talk about being yourself, sex is really at the center of that. Sexuality is a huge part of what makes you who you are. And we thought that everyone was too uptight about it, so we wanted a place where everyone could be who they wanted without judgement.”

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