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 Teasing Me

Season 3

Episode 21

It’s not until I open my eyes and see that I’m staring at the ceiling that I realize I couldn’t see anything during the orgasm. My chest is heaving against the straps. “Fuck.”

He chuckles, running his thumb over my clit again. I think it’s just so he can see the way I squirm. He’s still buried in me, and I’m dizzy with pleasure.

“Hudson, were you serious?”

“About giving you seven orgasms?”


He presses his thumb down. “Why not? We have all night.”

Dragging his hips against mine and pulling back, Hudson thrusts in again, and my body arches. I swear, what his body does to mine will never stop feeling perfect and amazing. And I know that I have hours ahead of me to enjoy it. There’s a smile on my face as he begins to fuck me again.

And just like that, Hudson and I fall into a rhythm and into each other. The days when I’m not in the club with him feel like they last forever, and the ones I am with him feel like a dream that I don’t ever want to wake up from. A couple of weeks after Halloween, as I enter the club, I know I’m ready. I knew it when I woke up this morning, and I haven’t changed my mind. Today is the day I will go on the St. Andrew’s cross.

And that’s why when I see John at the door, I ask him to tell Hudson to meet me there. He raises an eyebrow at me. “Special plans tonight?” he asks.

“I guess you could say that.” I flash him my best smile as I walk inside and check my coat. There are butterflies of anticipation in my tummy and just a little bit of nerves as I wait in the shadows by the little stage. I know that I want this, but I’ve never done anything like this in front of people before. I’m honestly not sure how it’s going to feel. I hope I don’t freak out. Hudson appears only a few minutes later. “You’re sure about this?” he asks before he even kisses me.

“Yes. I am. I’m ready.”

I love watching the lust take over his face. He wants this as much as I do, and I wonder if this was on his list of original fantasies, though I’m not going to ask right now. “Take off your clothes.”

It’s the first test, and I do. I fold my clothes and put them on one of the shelves near the stage. I notice that the audience area around the stage has more people in it now. They’ve noticed that someone is getting ready and have come to watch. My heart rate ticks up, and I rub my hands together. I’m really doing this. We’re really doing this. Hudson takes one of my wrists and wraps a leather cuff around it. He straps it on, running his thumb along my skin under the leather to make sure that it’s not too tight. Then the other wrist and both my ankles.

“You’re nervous,” he says. It’s not a question.

“A little, yeah.”

He nods, letting a bit of a smile show. “That’s okay. What’s the safe word?”


“Good. And I guess fair is fair,” he says, staring to take off his own clothes.

I can’t help but laughing. “Your employees are going to get an eyeful.”

“I think they’ve seen all of us naked at some point or another. It would be almost strange not to in a club like this.”

“Fair point.”

His clothes are gone, and he turns to me. “You ready?”


He walks onto the stage first, and I follow. The lights are brighter than I thought they’d be. I can barely see the people sitting down around us, but I still know they’re there. I can feel their eyes on me. Hudson places his hand on my lower back. “Face the wood and step up.”

The cross itself has a platform attached, and I step onto it. He takes hold of my left arm first, raising it above my head and drawing it to the side, attaching the cuff to the wood where the clip is. Then my other hand. Restrained like this, I’m starting to feel that same powerful arousal. Kneeling behind me, he takes my ankle and gently positions it out where it needs to be. I feel his lips on the back of my thigh as he restrains my other leg. And there it is. I’m strapped to a wooden cross in front of the entire club.

A shudder runs through me and I’m aware that my pussy is so wet that it’s almost dripping. Hudson is close behind me and his words are at a volume that only I can hear. “Do you like this?”

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