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Teasing Me 

Season 3

Episode 12

“I don’t know.” I really don’t. I don’t think any man I’ve been with had ever spent as much time with my breasts as Hudson just did. Possibly combined.

“Well, let me mark that down as something to try in the future.”

“Okay,” I say, still breathless. Meeting his eyes through the mask, I realize I want to see him. I don’t want us to be anonymous for this. I reach for it. “Can I take this off?”

He nods, and I gently pull it away from his face. It’s amazing how something as small and simple as a mask can transform someone. He’s just what I remember—tan skin and perfect features, and now I know how expressive his eyes are and it makes them stand out even more. Hudson’s hands slide under my hair and he unties my mask too, and my breath catches. When he takes off the mask he’ll see me. One layer gone away from this confident persona that I’m putting on. Anxiety crawls in my gut, and I’m not sure I’m ready for him to see me like that. I don’t know that he’ll like the me that’s boring and normal and not a badass in lingerie. But he pulls my mask away from my face and then we’re just two people. My heart is still beating out of my chest. “Hello,” he says.


I kiss him again, and this time I feel like I’m on fire. He’s turned me on and now I want all of him. I know he’s right there with me. His hands slide up my back, stroking my spine and holding me to him. He lifts be up and back, and I feel the table underneath me. “Lie back.”

“Is this another one of your fantasies?”

The corners of his mouth tip up into a smile. “Maybe.”

I do as he asks, leaning back until I’m flat on the table, even though my legs are still tangled with his. He runs a palm down my body, from my breasts to my stomach and lower, catching my underwear and pulling. I have to lift my hips in order for them to come off, and doing that gives him an absolutely perfect view of my pussy as it appears. The look on his face when he sees it is enough to send heat roaring through my body. I don’t move, holding myself still and letting him look even though my normal instinct would be to blush and close my legs.

“You’re so wet already.” His eyes flicker to mine and back.

“There’s a reason for that.”

He grabs my hips, fingers caressing and supporting, keeping me lifted, and suddenly I realize just how close I am to his mouth. I remember that these curtains are sheer and that I’m naked. “People will be able to see.”

“Maybe I want them to see,” he says, moving his mouth closer to me. “Maybe I want them to watch while I make you squirm and moan.”

My breath goes short in my chest. “How are you going to do that?”

“I’d rather show you than tell you.”

I expect him to dive in quickly, to devour me. I’m hoping for that. I want him to plunge deep inside me with his tongue and make me moan. But he doesn’t do that. Just like earlier, he takes his time, he’s deliberate. I feel his breath first, gently blowing on my clit. It feels intimate in a way I’m not used to and sends chills running up my spine. I’m sensitive and he hasn’t even touched me yet. There. The barest touch of his tongue on my clit, the very tip of it. And again. An again. Slowly, he licks his way into me, every time he touches letting me feel a little more of him. It’s both glorious and maddening. He doesn’t let my hips move, even though I try. I can’t make him let me closer to his mouth. I was wet before he undressed me, but now I’m dripping. I can feel it running down my thighs. I want him to taste it, to drink me in. But he’s still using that tongue of his to drive me crazy, one lick at a time.

Slowly, pleasure takes hold low in my gut. My body latches on to the rhythm of his tongue, and suddenly every stroke feels like pure pleasure. Drawing me closer and closer to a waterfall of pleasure. I want to go over the edge and I want to stay here in this limbo that’s nothing but pure feeling. I can’t do both, and I know what he’s going to choose because Hudson doesn’t stop. He doesn’t hesitate, just keeps going, and I can’t keep quiet. The moans coming out of me are sure to be heard outside of our alcove and the thought makes me even hotter.

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