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 Teasing Me

Season 2

Episode 9

He moves again, thrusting a little harder and we groan together. “You feel so good, baby.” His voice is rough, and I believe him.

My pussy spasms around him again and he pushes harder in response. “You want to be fucked, don’t you?” he asks, even though he already knows the answer. “You want me to do exactly what I said, and bury myself balls deep in your pussy. So deep that you’ll never forget it.”

“Yes,” I breathe. “Yes. I want that.”

Julian presses me against the wall, and thrusts all the way into me, and I come instantly. A wall of white heat washing over my body and I cry out, unable to keep quiet in the wake of this feeling. He fucks me like I’ve never been fucked before, every thrust of his cock a brand new wave of pleasure, each one different and better than before. I’m utterly lost in the sensation. Nothing exists except for this, floating on a white sea of pleasure, cresting waves of orgasm after orgasm as Julian’s cock drives into my G-spot and deeper.

He pauses for just a second, turning me back around to face him before plunging in again, lifting my legs around his hips. This feels far more intimate, and somehow, impossibly, I feel even more full. He fucks me into the wall, and all I can do is hold onto him—his shoulders, his neck, his hair. I don’t stop coming, I can’t stop, and I can barely breathe because too much of me is taken over by this pleasure.

Julian’s voice comes to life as he fucks me harder, his grunts resonating through my chest and making me that much wetter. He’s close, and I’m already there, have been there this whole time. Suddenly he fucks me faster, a burst of furious speed that makes me hold my breath, fall into this bright supernova of orgasm one last time while he shouts his own finish. Julian’s cock pulses inside me, and I savor the sensation of feeling him come inside me. My mind is dizzy from pleasure, and even if he puts me down, I don’t know if I’d be able to stand.

But he doesn’t. He holds me there, still deep inside me as we both catch our breath, both come back to earth. Because I don’t think sex like that can exist on earth. Fuck. I was right, I’m not going to regret that. But part of me knows that I’m also going to regret it if I never get to do that again either.

Julian’s forehead rests against mine, our breath mingling as we both come down from the high. Wow. I don’t remember any sex in my life that was like that. Granted, I don’t have the widest range of experiences to choose from, but that still blows them all away by far. I smile, laughing a little, and he smiles too.

“Feel different?” he asks.

“Yes.” Because it’s true. Tonight I did something daring that I wouldn’t normally ever do. I danced at a sex club. I fucked a virtual stranger. I was confident and sexy and bold.

I collect my clothes and start to put them on, still weak in the knees. And it feels strange, after what just happened, to be in the same space with him and be clothed. Like now that we’ve seen all of each other we no longer need them. But the rest of the world—even if that doesn’t include the patrons of Club Deep—would be shocked to see me without my clothes. I have my pants on when Julian finally speaks again. “Take the job.”


“Here, at the club,” he says. He’s almost dressed again and his face is deadly serious. “Be a dancer.”

I shake my head. “I already have a job.”

“Then quit.”

It’s tempting. Given how much fun I had, and the fact that Julian will be here, but this wasn’t my thing. This was Cosette’s idea, and I she didn’t exactly sound enthused when I was offered the job. She’s had so much trouble finding work, I can’t just swoop in and also have a job she’s worked hard for. “I can’t,” I say, slipping my top back on.

He grabs me around the waist, pulling me to his body. “What will it take?”

“What does it matter?” I say. “I don’t have to work here for you to see me again, you know.” I’m floating the idea of seeing him again to see if he takes it, and to see what his real motives are in wanting me to work for him.

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