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 Teasing Me

Season 2

Episode 8


“Beg me to make you come. Beg me to put my tongue inside that sweet pussy of yours. Beg me to suck on your clit until you scream.”

His words light a fire in me, and a flush rolls across my body. I want him to do those things, but I’m not used to them being stated so bluntly. I’m not used to saying things like that out loud. Julian blows gently on my clit, the stream of air sending a shudder of pleasure through me. I know he’s not going to move until I ask. He told me I would beg. “Please,” I say, my voice barely more than breath. “Please touch me. Please put your mouth on me.”

With a sound like he’s found the sweetest thing he’s ever tasted, he does. Pleasure explodes behind my eyes and inside my body as I come. My body can’t resist the onslaught of his tongue as he fucks me with it, pushing inside and licking, moving to suck my clit deep and then back again. Wetness rushes from me and he drinks me in, wave after wave of pleasure rising from his mouth because he doesn’t stop. I close my eyes, blind to everything but this glorious sensation. My knees finally collapse, and he holds me up while his mouth is still tasting me. His tongue is swirling over my clit and sending sparks of pleasure through me until he’s satisfied, and so am I.

Julian leans me against the wall and makes sure I’ll stay upright while he stands, and watches me while he undoes his belt. What I felt while we were dancing wasn’t a lie—he’s huge. It’s the thickest cock I’ve ever seen, and I highly, highly, doubt that’s going to fit inside me, and I say as much, which only makes him grin.

He turns me around so I’m facing the wall. The cement is cool against my breasts, contrasting with Julian’s heat against my back. “Don’t worry,” he says, voice at my ear. “I’ll go slow.”

I hear the tearing of a condom wrapper, and then his hand is between my legs, stroking me. I’ve barely recovered from him using his mouth on me and I moan as he pushes a finger inside. “You’re still so wet,” he says, bringing that same finger around to my mouth. “Taste yourself the way I tasted you.”

Opening my mouth, he pushes his finger inside, and I do taste myself, deep and sweet on his skin. It makes me even wetter, and when he starts to finger me again he chuckles. “I thought you might like that.” Julian presses his lips to the back of my neck, and adds another finger in my cunt. “I love how tight you are around my fingers,” he says, pushing deep. “You’re going to feel so good on my cock.”

I moan, leaning back against him. God, he feels so good, knows exactly what I need, what he needs to say to make me hotter, wetter. He adds a third finger, starting to really fuck me with his hand, and I claw against the wall, looking for something to hold onto. He’s pushing his fingers right into my G-spot, and I swear this is what people mean when they say they’re seeing stars. Every thrust of his hand is sending me reeling with pleasure, more pleasure than I thought possible because I’ve already come. In the past, I’ve been lucky to come once before the guy makes sure they get off. This is…something else entirely.

I’m close, so close, and I tell him that, my pleas for him not to stop echoing down the hallway. And just like before, right as I’m about to go over the edge, he stops. I groan in frustration and he laughs. “I want you to come, little dancer, but I want you to come on my cock, not my hand.”

His fingers slip out of me, leaving me feeling empty, and then I feel him. The fat head of his cock presses against my entrance, bigger than anything I’ve ever felt. Julian eases the head inside me, and already my breath goes short. I’ve never taken anything like this. He presses deeper, an inch at a time, slowly filling me up until I don’t think I can take anymore. But I do. My pussy contracts around him, and he growls in my ear.

I’ve never felt so full, so possessed. My whole body is tight and aroused, and trying to get used to the way he’s inside me, and just like he did when we were dancing he wraps himself around me. One hand squeezes my breasts, rolling them until my nipples are hard again. The other wanders down my stomach until he finds my clit, forcing more and more pleasure through me until I relax onto him, until my hips are moving, begging for more. Julian moves his hips, out and in, and it’s like the world moves. His cock drags against me, and I’m quivering with the feeling of it, friction spiraling to where his fingers are on my clit and back again.

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