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 Teasing Me 

Season 2

Episode 6

Julian grabs my hips, pulling me back to him, pressing our bodies together. And just like that, he manages to make me lose myself. His hands roam down my ass, gripping me with enough strength to send butterflies through my stomach. Holding us together, he moves us in time with the music, the roll of his hips into mine making it more than clear what he’s picturing. He dips me back, hand running down across my breasts and stomach to the buttons on my pants, brushing them, the invisible statement that he wants to undress me right here, in front of everyone.

I feel like I’ve lost control of my body, my every move dictated by the way he’s dancing with me, my movements just a response. The way he’s touching me, I don’t want him to stop. God, it’s been a long time since anybody touched me, and no one has every touched me like this—like he knows exactly what will drive me mad even before I do. He lifts my leg onto his hip, never stopping that rhythmic rolling of his hips, and suddenly we’re in that same position as the couple from the glass box. He knows, he did it on purpose. The way he’s smirks at me, dipping my torso back again while our hips are connected so it looks like we’re still only just dancing.

When he pulls me back up I’m breathless. Julian’s hand is creeping lower, and I feel his fingers on my inner thigh, and closer. And then I feel it, a stroke of his finger down the seam of my pants that runs directly over my clit. A gush of wetness bursts from my pussy, and I swear he knows exactly what he’s doing to me. I want him. I’ve never wanted anyone like this. I’m not the party girl, I don’t do this kind of thing. But I’m here, and when in Rome…

And if I’m going to be that girl, I’m not going to let him have all the fun. I lower my leg, taking back control of the dance, moving around him, giving him brief touch of my body, brushing my breasts against his chest and my ass against his cock. I hook my arms around his neck, bringing his face close to mine, but at the last second I let go, avoiding a kiss. Julian isn’t giving up either, whenever he can, running his hands across my skin, and I find myself smiling at him as we play our game. I tease him with almost kisses, even going as far as letting our lips touch before pulling away. Julian growls at me, and I laugh, because I feel powerful. I feel sexy. Like I fit in my skin for the first time in forever. Like the fact that I have a man this hot desperately trying to fuck me is something normal in my life.

Julian wraps himself around me, a hand on my stomach and another on my breasts as we move with the music. I press back into his erection and he groans. It makes me smile—I don’t need my hands to make him moan. I spin in his arms, reaching up on my tiptoes to his face, and I move to make him think I’ll kiss him, to back away before our lips meet. Julian’s crystal eyes darken, the lights in the club making them almost glow, and he locks his arms around me. I can’t back away. “Not this time,” he says just before his lips crash onto mine. It’s a glorious, breathless kiss that makes the world flash white lights and my body tighten with pleasure, and then it’s gone.

We’re off the dance floor before I can even recover from the fact that his mouth was on mine. He’s pulling me up the stairs of the balcony and into a door that blends into the wall, and suddenly we’re in an empty hallway, the music of the club a faint pulse on the other side of the door. “Such a tease,” he says, and then he’s kissing me again, our bodies crashing into the wall because it’s the only thing that will keep us standing. His kiss is consuming, sending shivers through my body and it’s like I’ve been waiting for this moment for forever. He pulls back an inch from my lips, just for a moment. “Tell me to stop,” he says, before kissing me again. I’ve undone the buttons on his shirt, and I run my hands down his chest, marveling at the way his skin feels on mine. I trace the definition in his muscles and let his warmth seep into me.

“Tell me to stop,” he says again.


Julian drags his mouth away from mine, and we’re both breathing like we’ve just run a race. “If you tell me to stop, I’ll let you go, and we’ll forget all of this. We’ll pretend it didn’t happen.” He reaches out, traces his mouth with his thumb, “but if you don’t tell me to stop, if you let me take you, everything is going to change. I know you feel it. And if you don’t walk away, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to bury myself so deep in you that you’ll never forget. I’m going to make it so you’ll never be the same.”

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