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Teasing Me

Season 2

Episode 5

“Can I ask why you own a place like this? Why not just a normal night club?”

Julian chuckles, tugging me along to the next stage. “Because there are so many normal night clubs, and my partners and I wanted a place where everyone would feel safe to be themselves. Or someone else. Or whatever they wanted to be. We wanted to have a place where we could be who we wanted without judgement. So we started Club Deep. Luckily for us, a lot of people seemed to want a place like that too.”

We’re standing now in front of a stage where a woman sits on a chair that looks like a throne, a man sitting at her feet. He’s caressing her legs, occasionally leaning down to lick her toes, his face so rapturous that it feels wrong to be looking at him. “I think you’ll be interested in what’s upstairs even more.”


One of the three staircases to the second level is near us, and we climb. As soon as we set foot onto the floor, my jaw drops. Windows open into huge rooms all decorated with different themes. The one immediately in front of us is a cold stone dungeon, and more than one person is bound in chains, and I hear the sound of a whip. This is a literal sex dungeon. Oh. My. God.

Julian pulls me along the balcony, and I see a patient having sex with a doctor, and a secretary sucking the cock of her boss. A room with a huge and gorgeous bed is a tangle of limbs and bodies, just the sounds coming from the room making my heart pound. It’s like watching porn in real life, and I’m turned on. My skin is more sensitive than normal, feeling every callous on Julian’s hand. The wetness between my legs has been growing, and now I can’t even take a step without feeling it, knowing how crazy and amazing this is. I mean, I’m not sure it’s something I would ever do, but it’s still amazing.

He stops in front of the orgy, pulling me to the empty window frame where we can watch. Julian is standing behind me, gently pressing me into the wall as I lean on the sill, and I can feel his massive erection against my ass. “What do you think?” he asks, his lips suddenly at my neck.

His fingers are on the bare skin of my waist, and I can’t find words. I watch as a woman straddles a man and he begins to fuck her. Another man steps up, plunging deep into her ass, and another sliding his cock between her lips. There’s so much more, chains of people sucking and licking and fucking and my heart is racing. “It’s so much,” I manage to say as Julian’s hand slides down my stomach.

“Let me buy you that drink,” he whispers in my ear. “And then I’d love it if you’d dance with me.”

There’s no sign of Cosette yet, and I don’t think she’ll mind if I found someone to dance with. She’s always encouraging me to go out and get laid. I blush a little at the fact that that’s an actual possibility right now. Julian doesn’t let go of me, keeping his arm wrapped around my waist as he guides me to the stairs. It’s almost like he can read my mind. Like he knows that my answer would be nothing other than ‘yes.’

Dancing with Julian is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The moment he pulls me onto the dance floor it’s electric, our bodies moving together like they were made for each other. And just like when I was up on that stage dancing in front of the club, I’m having the time of my life. This whole night…it’s been amazing. Things have been so stressful lately that it feels good to let go, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I danced. Really danced. And now, with Julian, it’s so freeing. There’s a joy that bubbles up in me as we move, and that joy translates itself into my body, pushing the music through in new and different ways.

He’s not a bad dancer either, and as we move, I come more and more aware of his hands on me, the way his hips move with mine, and the fact that he makes no effort to hide his erection. He wants me to know that I’m turning him on, and I love that I am. It strikes me as he pulls me against him, grinding against my ass, that he could have anyone in this room. As the owner of the club all he would have to do is nod his head and three women would be fawning over him, and yet he’s still dancing with me. I spin out from him, looking around, and I see that I’m right. People are watching us—watching him, and watching me with him. But Julian doesn’t look around, he only looks at me. Dangerous heat sears through me when I see the lust in his eyes. This would be so easy. But can I do it?


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