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 Teasing Me

Season 2

Episode 30

I feel that thing in my chest, that pleasure and pain emotion that’s too big and makes me feel like I might cry. Julian kisses me, gathering me up in his arms, and after today it feels so damn good to be kissed like this. It feels oddly like coming home. Welcoming and warm and so much more than that. It’s a relief to know that my worst imaginings weren’t true and that the best month of my life was in fact, real.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Julian asks. “I’ll show you just how thoroughly I want you. If you can’t already tell.”

I glance down at his tented pants and laugh. “I can tell.”

“Good. I’m still going to show you.”

I pull him down the hall towards my bedroom, but it takes us forever to get there. Julian keeps interrupting our progress with kisses that set my skin on fire, shedding clothes and taking mine off too. By the time we actually make it to my bed, I’m only in panties, and he’s naked. I can very much tell how much he wants me. He puts a condom on and I push him down on the bed. My bed, my rules, and this time, I’m going to be on top.

Taking his cock in my hand, I guide it to my entrance. I sink down onto him slowly, and I love it. I love it so much, and it’s absurd how much I missed it like it’s been two years and not two days. Julian runs his hands over my stomach, my legs, anywhere he can reach me. He teases my clit, and my breath catches, eyes fluttering closed as he toys with it. He’s using tiny, staccato strokes. Back and forth, up and down, around and around. Over and over again until my hips start thrusting on their own. Suddenly I’m riding him, fucking him, letting him plunge deep into me with every roll of my hips.

The look on his face is perfect, lips parted, eyes glazed with pleasure. I ride him harder, seeking that sweet pleasure that I know he can give me, desperate to feel that closeness that we had just a couple of days ago. Julian’s hands are on my hips, slowing me down, moving us together, and I let him guide us. He’s right, it’s too fast, and the way he’s pulling me down onto his cock is damn near perfect. I lean down and kiss him, tangling my tongue with his and loving the taste of him.

He starts to move his hips with mine, pushing up into me while I’m still fucking him and I cry out. There it is, that rising tide of pleasure overwhelming my senses and making me feel like I’ll never get enough. Julian fucks me faster, pulling me down against him and holding me against his chest as he thrusts hard and fast. He doesn’t slow down, kissing me desperately. I kiss him back. We both need this—the release, the assurance, and he breaks open a second before I do. His cock jerks inside me and he thrusts again, deeper than before and it sends me over, gasping into perfect bliss. My thighs are shaking and I can’t seem to catch my breath and it’s all so fucking perfect that I want to cry.

I kiss him again because how could I not kiss him? Cosette was right. I am absolutely, one-hundred percent falling for this man.

We come down together, breathing each other’s breath, holding each other. Julian pulls out of me, tucking me down onto the bed before cleaning himself up and returning to me. He pulls me into his arms again, my head tucked under his chin and leaning on his chest. We fit like we were made for it.

“I hope I convinced you.”

“You did,” I say, “though I didn’t really need convincing.”

He presses a kiss to my temple and I close my eyes, content.

“Are you really going to quit?” he asks. There’s no judgement in his tone, only curiosity. “Even with the salary?”

I laugh a little. “The ridiculous salary that you probably should never have offered me? Yeah. I mean, I can find another job. Relationships are one of the only things that matter, and no job is worth losing my best friend. Or my boyfriend,” I say, as I look at him and he grins.

“I understand why you’re doing it,” Julian says. “But as a businessman, you’re too talented for me to let you go without a fight.”

“If you offer me more money I’m going to smack you.”

He laughs, rich and full. “Fair enough. What if I could offer you something different? Something that wouldn’t make you compete with Cosette but would still be worth of your salary?”


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