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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔


At school, 

    *Wow! Look at this girl! *
  *Yeah.. Some day she's gonna win one of these tik tok challenge cuz of her beauty and famousness in making videos*

 *She's so good at it! How does she even add all the filters to make her shine and look so beautiful? *

    *But do you really believe she come from a rich home? She's lying about her identity*

  *cut it off! Can't she be a rich man's daughter? *
  *Its possible!!*

Afar off (workplaces, offices, families, homes, clubs houses) 

   *Damn, I just like her cleavages and those clean shaved armpits*
   *oh man! She's gonna be so good for marriage yunno*

   *Look at these girl! Why don't DM her for a date or something *
    *let me see who that is*
  *look nice right? *
  *Yeah but I don't like her*

    *Wow! Love her long hair and red dress she's putting on! It might be pretty expensive don't you think? *
  "Yeah but she's quite boastful and I hate boastful girls*
  *you're just jealous dundy! And you should stop it! *

    Nathan-Sunbae's house,,, 

   "Oh my gee! She's at her lies again! Bodyguards!!.. "He began to laugh as he watched Alisa's video, 
   Sunbae with his shirt in his hands stepped closer to his friend to see what he's talking about, 

  He peeped into his friend's phone and her pleasant voice with her beautiful face flowed out, 

    "Wow! She's so damn beautiful?! "Sunbae mumbled looking at her intently and his sister frowned, 

  "That's just make up! She's no finer than me! "She snapped looking at her with a disgusting expression on her face, 

    "C'mon sunbae, do you believe me now that she's lying? "Nathan cut her sister off, 
  "I don't lies in what she said'

  "C'mon! C'mon sunbae! Don't tell me that this girl look rich to you! 
  How can you just say that! This girl is a bloody liar! 

  A trained one at that!! "
  "And what's your headache in all of it? "Sunbae asked and he heaved, 

   "You don't know right? "Sunbae asked again smiling before he patted his shoulder and then proceeded in putting on his shirt,  
   "We better get going before it gets late for the party"he told Nathan who was still speechless in everything, 

      His sister grumbled watching sunbae leave the room, 
   "She's defending her"she mumbled and his brother smirked, 

  "He's always like that but she's such a liar and am gonna nail her for that! 
   I hate liars and am gonna make her pay... Am gonna make Andre know that she's a mother fuvking liar! "

He swore and his sister concurred with him, 
  Party hall, 

  "Hey babe"she smiled as her eyes came in contact with her boyfriend Eric, 
  "Wow! You look so exotic!! I saw your video and I... I was just like... Your father should please allow you out please!! "He spoke out and she giggled wrapping her hands around his neck, 

  Their lips came in contact and he kissed her deeply on her lips... 


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