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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 21

     He gave a mocky laughter, 
  "Love me? How? By lying to me? Everything you said to me were all lies! 

  I don't even know what to believe about you! The lies?! The false life? 
  What!?? Why were you like that towards me? 

   Why? "
 She gulped for the last time as tears streamed down her face, 
  She thought she could handle all the feelings, 

     She thought she would be able to control it herself, 
    She wiped off her tears tho smirking as if all he said were nothing and less meaninful to her, 

     "And you? How many truth did you tell me?"she fired back, 
  "What? So all I heard were true? "He was taken aback by what she asked him, 

  He was waiting for her to defend herself, tell him that all of that were not true, tell him that she never lied to him, 

  Tell him that she was sorry, find an excuse which she would be able to use and convince him but she did none of that, 

 Instead, she's asking him about how many truths which he ever told her? 
   "Monalisa?? I don't think this is you! "

  "Then who am I? Who am I then? 
Have you ever struggled to grow up? 
 Have you ever struggled to belong? 
Have you ever lived for twenty two years and don't know who your dad is? 
Have you ever woke up all morning to realize that its just you? 
Have you ever....... "

   "You never told me you had a harsh life!! You never told me that you never knew your dad!!

  Is it now that you're going to tell me the whole truth about your life? Huh!!! "

  "So that you can pity me? So you can look at me and tell me sorry!? 
  Yes! A whore is my mom! A slut gave birth to me!! 

  And so? 
What if I lied? What if I did!!?? "
  "Really? nothing would've happened if you lied.... Or is something happening right now? "he asked running his eyes over that thing infront of him, 

    Two hearts were shaking terribly, threatening to fall out, 
   "Did I mean a thing to you? Did you even love me? Am just confused because I learnt that all the things you told me from the first time we met are lies! "

  She looked away, she wanted to cry but how? Infront of him? No, that's not the best idea, all thanks to Nathan for ruining her relationship, 

  She should thank him so much in a big way for doing this to her, 
  She will have to thank him... She repeated to herself before bringing her gaze once again to him, 

     "Yes, everything I said to you apart from my name were lies, "
  "Did I look like some game to you? "He asked her, 

She could feel his pain but she couldn't stop it, she couldn't help it when she was the one who caused it, 

  Tears gathered around her eyes for the second time but she was quick to dismiss them, 

   "Let's break up"he muttered.... 


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